Pest Control Professionals Can Make Life More Comfortable Year-Round

Family Outside Enjoying their Pest Free Yard

  Mild Louisiana weather is greatĀ for entertaining guests, relaxing on the patio or watching the kids play. However, our mild […]

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How to Find the Best Local Exterminator for Your Needs

Local Pest Control Operator

It can be a little unsettling for a homeowner when they discover that a horde of creepy crawlers have invaded […]

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Know When To Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

J&J Exterminating Professional Pest Control Company Truck

They say fish and houseguests stink after three days. This is particularly true when your houseguests have six (or more) […]

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What to Consider When Comparing Local Pest Control Companies

J&J Exterminating badge on pest control operator's shirt

Local pest control companies understand that a homeowner’s biggest concern when building their home is which types of bugs will […]

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Expert Tips for Dealing with Common Summer Pests


Summertime means the living should be easy, but warm weather seems to send out a signal to every bug in […]

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