Termite Awareness Week

Termites Consuming Bloated Wood

Termite Awareness Week: Mar 15th – Mar 21st As Termite Awareness Week approaches on March 15, property owners are reminded […]

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Protect your Business with The Shield


When pests invade a business, they can create numerous problems for the company’s owner. Pests can drive away customers right […]

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Termite Season Near


Get Ready for Termite Season It may be the dead of winter now, but termite season is just around the […]

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Rodents at Thanksgiving…


You may have enjoyed the recent viral video hit, “Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving”, in which a few lucky pet hamsters and […]

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Five Spookiest Insects


The Five Spookiest Insects In the rain forest of Guyana, a researcher recently came across a puppy-sized spider. Unless you […]

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