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Which Methods Are Most Effective For Long-Term Ant Control Within And Around Homes?

The first step in ant control involves collecting specimens for the purpose of identifying the species. Ant control methods differ […]

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Is There Any Way To Prevent Drywood Termites From Infesting Homes?

A total of six subterranean termite species have been found in the state of Louisiana, and all of these species […]

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The Most To Least Destructive Drywood Termite Species In Louisiana

Kalotermes approximatus is a very common termite pest species found in the southeastern US. This native species is commonly known […]

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How Often Do People Contract Disease From Roaches Within Homes And Buildings?

According to the American Housing Survey, cockroach infestations and other issues with roach pests are more common in New Orleans […]

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How Much Area Do Underground Termite Colonies Cover?

Insect experts, such as academics, researchers and pest control professionals, used to be under the impression that subterranean termite colonies […]

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