How Did The Invasive West Indian Powderpost Termite Wind Up In Louisiana?

Cryptotermes brevis is the most widely distributed invasive termite species in the world, as this species has been introduced into […]

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The Green Lynx Spider Is Common In Residential Areas And They Can Temporarily Blind A Person By Spraying Venom Into His/Her Face

More than 46,000 spider species have been documented worldwide, and each species has unique attributes, but the North American species, […]

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Two Invasive Ant Species In Louisiana That Nest Within Homes And Damage Electrical Devices

The southeastern Gulf Coast states see the greatest number of invasive ant species of all US states due to the […]

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Why Common Fly Pests Within And Around Homes Are More Of A Health Threat Than People Realize

Filth flies are a group of fly pests that congregate on decaying organic materials and animal waste products that contain […]

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The Most Disgusting Insects That Infest Homes In Louisiana

When it comes to disgusting insect pests that often infest houses, most people think of cockroaches. Cockroaches are well known […]

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