A Potentially Dangerous Caterpillar Species Is Becoming More Common Around Louisiana Homes

Louisiana is home to a great number of creepy-crawly creatures, such as the black widow, the brown recluse, and flying […]

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The Sentricon® System: How It Works

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Formosan Termites Can Invade Homes Through Bathroom Plumbing In Louisiana

While Formosan termites have established an invasive presence in the United States, their habitat in the US is largely limited […]

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Louisiana Officials Admit That There Is Nothing They Can Do For The Numerous Residents Dealing With Dreadful Asian Lady Beetle Infestations

The population of Asian Lady Beetles is on the rise in Louisiana, causing residents to get seriously annoyed and even […]

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Which Spiders Are Most Commonly Spotted In Louisiana Homes?

Spiders are everywhere. You may subscribe to the notion that at all times there are spiders around three to ten […]

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