Venomous Io Caterpillars Often Dwell Beneath Plant Matter, Leading To Painful Stings That Can Be Dangerous

The io moth used to be one of the most recognizable moths in the United States due to the conspicuous […]

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Is There Any Way To Prevent Drywood Termites From Infesting Homes?

A total of six subterranean termite species have been found in the state of Louisiana, and all of these species […]

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How Are Western Drywood Termites Eradicated From Infested Homes?

The western drywood termite is a non-endemic species in Louisiana that is native to the southwestern United States. Most of […]

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How Are Black Widow And Brown Recluse Bites Treated By Medical Professionals? And Why Are These Treatments Controversial?

The southern black widow and the brown recluse spider species both dwell in the state of Louisiana, and while these […]

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Red-Imported Fire Ant Stings Have Been Sustained By More Than Half Of All Residents In Some New Orleans Neighborhoods

The red imported fire ant was transported into the United States from its native South America during the 1930s, and […]

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