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Hybrid Termite Species

Imagine if you had the two most invasive species of termites in the entire world mating in the hotbed of […]

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Whenever A Mosquito Bites You, Its Neurons Ignite Like Fireworks

Mosquitoes routinely risk their lives to feed on human blood. However, it is more than just a mechanic, instinctive impulse […]

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Make Pest-Proofing a Priority in the New Year

When compiling your New Year’s resolutions this January,  J&J Exterminating, in partnership with the National Pest Management Association, recommends adding […]

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How Many Carpenter Ant Species Infest Structural Woods Within Louisiana Homes? Where Are These Species Distributed?

Numerous insect pests that bore into structural woods can be found within Louisiana. Ants and beetles make up the vast […]

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Are Termites Attracted To Mold And/Or Wood-Inhabiting Fungi?

Pest control professionals are often asked if termites are attracted to mold or wood-inhabiting fungi. Termites and wood-fungi are two […]

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