Researchers Are Attempting To Create A Detailed Family Tree Of A Hated And Smelly Group Of Insects

There exists many insect species that most people find particularly revolting. Cockroaches, bed bugs and many fly species are commonly […]

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American Researchers Are Experimenting With Unorthodox Termite Control Strategies In An Effort To Save The Oldest Structure Of Its Kind

The Red Monastery was built in northwest Egypt during the fourth century AD when the region was under the control […]

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Which Types Of Furniture Are At The Greatest Risk Of Becoming Infested With Drywood Termites?

Researchers have documented and described around 3,000 distinct termite species. All termite species can be divided into three categories based […]

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The Wasp Species That Will Eat Out Of Your Hand

What is the fiercest type of insect that you can think of? Scorpions, certain spiders, or maybe certain centipedes? Well, […]

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How Termites Are Enabling The Survival Of An Endangered Species

Since termites are ecologically essential insects, it could be said that they work to provide the animal kingdom with food […]

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