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Which Group Of Termite Pests In The US Are Absent From Louisiana, And Which Termite Pest Species In The State Originate From Other Countries?

There are three types of termites in the US, and each one differs in habitat and foraging requirements. These termite […]

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How Often Do People Contract Disease From Roaches Within Homes And Buildings?

According to the American Housing Survey, cockroach infestations and other issues with roach pests are more common in New Orleans […]

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Officials Warn Residents About This Season’s Heavy Termite Population

Every year, urban entomologists and pest control professionals urge Louisiana homeowners to take measures to prevent termites from infesting their […]

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Are The Ant Species That Swarm Within Homes Usually Pests?

Around 14,000 ant species have been documented worldwide, and less than half of these species have been thoroughly studied. Just […]

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Illicit And Dangerous Bed Bug Control Methods Residents Must Avoid

Nobody is happy to learn that their home has become infested with insect pests, and this is particularly true when […]

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