Why Homes In Louisiana Are Uniquely Vulnerable To Termite Attacks

Termite infestations occur in homes located in every state within the continental US, but homes in certain regions are more […]

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Why Is The Potentially Deadly Brown Widow Spider Species Becoming Prevalent In Urban And Residential Areas Of Louisiana?

If you had to name the most venomous spider species that exists within the United States, you would probably name […]

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Are There Any Venomous Scorpion Species That Are Native To Louisiana?

Scorpions are generally associated with the southwest part of the United States, but you can find a few species outside […]

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A Louisiana Man Is Charged With Arson After Setting Fire To His Mattress As An Extreme Form Of Bed Bug Eradication

Experiencing a bed bug infestation within a home is every homeowner and tenant’s worst nightmare. Although bed bugs cannot spread […]

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Signs You Have Termites | Louisiana termite Control Experts

Do you have termites? Louisiana termite Control Experts Termites are known as “silent destroyers” due to their constant gnawing and […]

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