More Than 2,000 Black Widow Bite Incidents Are Reported In The US Each Year, And Their Venom Is 15 Times Stronger Than That Of A Rattlesnake

America’s three black widow species and the brown recluse spiders are considered the most dangerous spider species in the US. […]

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Is The Formosan Subterranean Termite The Only Non-Native Termite Species That Infests Homes In Louisiana?

The Formosan subterranean termite is not the only exotic termite species that has established a non-native habitat within Louisiana. In […]

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Eradicating Termite Infestations

There exists several methods to control termites within and around homes. These days, pest control professionals and homeowners rely largely […]

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Rainstorms And Floods Prompt Smokey Brown Cockroaches To Invade Louisiana Homes In Massive Numbers

The German cockroach is the most widely distributed and the most common indoor roach pest species within the United States, […]

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 Striped Bark Scorpions And Southern Devil Scorpions Are Often Found In Louisiana Homes

Due to Louisiana’s humid coastal climate, the state is home to an abundance of arthropod pest species that often enter […]

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