How Do Pest Control Professionals Address Indoor Aerial Nests Inhabited By Formosan Subterranean Termites

Since Formosan subterranean termites are invasive in the US, and do not belong to North America’s native Reticulitermes genus of […]

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A Drywood Termite Species That Devastates Homes In The Southwest Has Recently Been Found In Louisiana For The First Time

Incisitermes minor is considered by experts to be one of the five most destructive and economically significant termite species in […]

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Yellow Flies Are One Of The Few Bloodsucking Fly Species That Attacks People Within Homes

Multiple fly species found in Louisiana are commonly referred to as “yellow flies,” but experts claim the species D. ferrugatus […]

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How To Recognize The Damage That Carpenter Bees Inflict To A Home’s Structural And Cosmetic Wood Components

A variety of wood-infesting insect pests can be found throughout the United States, including carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, old house […]

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What Homeowners Should Do When Struggling To Control Unrecognizable Arthropod Pests Within Their Home

Louisiana’s humid, wet, and relatively mild winter temperatures make the state a paradise to a diverse array of arthropods that […]

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