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As Termites Swarm In New Orleans, Experts Claim That The City May Have The Worst Formosan Subterranean Termite Problem In The World

Subterranean termites are well known for being the most destructive group of insect pests in the world, and Louisiana is […]

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The Last Decade Has Seen Urban Populations Of Formosan Subterranean Termites Increase By 3,000% In Southern Louisiana

Several destructive termite species are known for infesting homes and buildings throughout Louisiana. Common termite pest species in the state […]

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Where In Kitchens Do Fly Pests Breed?

There are thousands of winged insect species in the Diptera order, all of which have one set of wings, as […]

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Oriental Cockroaches Are Uniquely Well Suited For Thriving Within Southern Homes, And The Infestations They Establish Within Homes Are Becoming More Extensive

Several cockroach species are common household pests throughout Louisiana, including American, German, Oriental, Australian, Turkestan, Surinam, smokybrown, and brown-banded cockroaches. […]

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How Are Drywood Termite Infestations Usually Discovered Within Homes?

In Louisiana, termite swarming season starts as early as January with the emergence of eastern subterranean termite swarmers (alates), but […]

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