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Pinpointing Termite Infested Structural Wood

Considering that Louisiana is home to nine termite pest species that are known to infest structural wood, including the tremendously […]

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Do European Hornets Establish Nests In Or Near Residential Homes, And Are They More Or Less Dangerous Than Yellow Jackets?

Vespa crabro, better known as the European hornet, can be found in every US state east of the Mississippi River […]

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The Roger’s Ant Is An Increasingly Common Indoor Pest In Louisiana

Hypoponera ants are said to be the most commonly encountered and diverse genus of ants in the subfamily Ponerinae. More […]

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Why Brown-Banded Cockroaches Can Be Difficult To Detect Within Infested Homes, And How Are These Roach Pests Best Controlled?

While German cockroaches are known to be the most common of indoor cockroach pests, one the more difficult cockroach pests […]

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Which Termite Species In Louisiana Are Known For Establishing Infestations Within Furniture?

Termites are the most significant insect pests of homes and buildings throughout Louisiana, particularly in New Orleans and other coastal […]

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