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Mother’s Day Is The Time Of Year When Louisiana Residents Should Repair Plumbing Leaks, Trim Landscape Vegetation, And Turn Porch Lights Off At Night To Avoid Termite Swarms

The subtropical climate in Louisiana makes the state a major breeding ground for destructive termite pests all year round, but […]

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How Do Face Flies Spread Pink Eye, And At What Time Of Year Do They Usually Invade Homes?

The group of insects known as true flies include house flies, fruit flies, horse flies, stable flies, black flies, and […]

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Hundreds Of Thousands Of German Cockroaches Can Infest A Single Home, And Other Disturbing Roach-Related Facts

A variety of cockroach species are known to appear within Louisiana homes, including the one to two inch long American […]

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How Sanitation And Landscape Maintenance Can Protect Homes From Subterranean Termite Attacks

Louisiana sees massive amount of termite damage to homes and buildings every year, especially in New Orleans where numerous older […]

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Acrobat Ants Are Very Common House Pests In Louisiana Where They Sometimes Nest Within Woodwork And Seek Human Food Sources

The groups of indoor ant pests commonly known as acrobat ants belong to the diverse Crematogaster genus, and multiple species […]

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