How Fly Pests Can Be Controlled With Exclusion Methods

Along with cockroaches, termites and ants, flies are the most commonly encountered insect pests within homes. Some of the most […]

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Why These Little-Known Cockroach Pests Are Becoming Increasingly Problematic In Louisiana

Since cockroaches are among the most commonly encountered insect pests within homes, many people likely assume that a relatively high […]

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Which Attributes Make Formosan Subterranean Termites The Most Destructive Insect Pests In The US

To say that one particular termite species is more or less “destructive” than any other termite species can be misleading. […]

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What Sort Of Indoor Conditions Allow German Cockroaches To Thrive Within Homes?

Having an infestation of cockroaches likely sits up at the top of most people’s list of worst nightmares. Cockroaches are […]

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The Most To Least Destructive Drywood Termite Species In Louisiana

Kalotermes approximatus is a very common termite pest species found in the southeastern US. This native species is commonly known […]

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