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Are Bed Bug Infestation Rates In The US Increasing Or Decreasing With Time, And How Are Louisiana Lawmakers Combatting The Pests?

Last year the National Pest Management Association conducted a nationwide survey of pest control professionals in order to determine the […]

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Ants Known To Inflict Extremely Painful Stings Inhabit Louisiana

Ants are everywhere. It is impossible to live on this planet and not come across ants during your life. Thankfully, […]

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Which Methods Are Most Effective For Long-Term Ant Control Within And Around Homes?

The first step in ant control involves collecting specimens for the purpose of identifying the species. Ant control methods differ […]

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Common Regulations That Aim To Protect Homes From Subterranean Termite Attacks

Termite control methods like soil termiticides, baiting systems, and chemical wood treatments must be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. […]

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How To Recognize Brown Cockroaches And Their Eggs

There are four primary cockroach species that infest homes throughout the United States. These species are commonly known as America, […]

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