Termites Are Swarming Into Several Homes In A Lafayette Neighborhood

It is unfortunately that time of year when termites are out and about, swarming in many states due to the […]

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Massive Gnat Swarms Are Invading Louisiana

The hot and humid weather in Louisiana makes the state an ideal location for a variety of mosquito species. There […]

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Southern House Spiders Dwell Year Round Within Louisiana Homes Where They Can Establish A Significant Presence That Residents Often Mistake For Brown Recluse Infestations

Louisiana is home to numerous spider species that would certainly give arachnophobes quite a scare. With the exception of the […]

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Is The Eastern Cicada Killer Wasp In Louisiana Dangerous To Humans?

  It is not uncommon for residents of Louisiana to encounter a variety of different wasp species during the spring, […]

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Do Africanized Honey Bees AKA “Killer Bees” Exist Within Louisiana

Many people are familiar with Africanized honey bees, but just about everyone has heard the term “killer bees” numerous times. […]

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