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A Man Is Arrested For Leaving His Children In A Home Infested With Cockroaches, Maggots, Flies And Fleas

Most people prefer to live within a clean home, but that does not necessarily mean that clean homes are more common than dirty ones. Wanting a clean home is one thing, having the discipline and motivation to maintain a clean home is quite another. Although there are many people who struggle to prevent their homes from becoming a giant clothes hamper, most people would feel motivated to clean after discovering cockroaches, maggots and fleas in every corner of their home. Surprisingly, there does exist people who don’t seem to mind sharing their homes with the most disgusting insects that you can imagine. For example, a Florida man was recently arrested and charged with child abuse and neglect after police officers discovered the man’s child living in a home containing numerous insects of varying species.

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An anonymous tip led police officers to a filthy home that contained the filthiest insects imaginable. These insects include cockroaches, fleas, maggots and flies. The cockroaches were so abundant in the home that police officers could not glance in any direction without seeing several roaches. When police arrived at the man’s residence they found a child and a bedridden man alone in the home. Once the child’s father, Mark Cameron, arrived to the residence, he was promptly arrested for child abuse and neglect. The bedridden man turned out to be Cameron’s stepfather.

In addition to the insect presence in the home, there was no running water, which means that the child was unable to bathe. Animal control officers removed 15 cats from the premises as well as one dead one, which likely contained maggots. The floors were covered in cat feces and maggots, so the authorities had to watch their every step closely. The child’s mattress was covered in feces, urine and fleas. The boy claimed that his father beat him when he attempted to clean the home. Luckily, this man will not be leaving jail any time soon.

Have you ever encountered a home that was infested with more than one insect species?

City Officials in Indianapolis Have Been Struggling To Eradicate A Neighborhood-Wide Roach Infestation For Months

Having a cockroach infestation is not only stressful, it is also horrifying…unless, of course, you think that cockroaches make for loveable pets. However, there are worse types of insect infestations. For example, a bed bug infestation can result in physical injuries, and eradicating these bugs from homes can be time consuming, inconvenient and sometimes unsuccessful. Then there are termite infestations. These infestations can go unnoticed for years and can result in thousands of dollars in damages. In some extreme cases, homes can be demolished as a result of irreparable termite damages. On the other hand, cockroaches do not typically bite humans, nor do they cause structural damages. Also, due to their relatively large size, cockroach infestations are usually noticed relatively quickly. Although, on the surface, it would seem that many types of insect infestations are more undesirable than cockroach infestations, there is something about a houseful of roaches that many people cannot tolerate. There are very few people in the world that know this better than the residents of one neighborhood located on the Northside of Alliance, Ohio. Due to the careless and unsanitary habits of two residents in the area, a cockroach infestation within their homes has spread to several nearby houses. Surprisingly, the resulting infestations have proven difficult to eradicate, as this problem has persisted for a period of two months.40061996 - dead cockroaches on wooden table

For quite some time now, literally thousands of cockroaches have been skittering out to two homes located on the 400 block of West Wayne St. Back in July, a resident living in the area reported a long-running cockroach infestation that had been noticeable in the home located at 474 West Wayne St. A short time later, a house located a few doors down also become a haven for cockroaches. Now the cockroaches have infested multiple houses in the area, and the insects have even managed to travel to the end of the block. The city health commissioner is currently working with the home’s owners as well as pest control authorities in order to get the enormous infestation under control. According to the commissioner, by the time he received the complaint, the infestation was already a neighborhood-wide problem. The cockroaches, which can be seen in people’s yards, clearly number in the thousands.

If you were one of the affected residents living on Wayne St., would you consider a lawsuit against the owners of the two roach-infested houses?

One Neglectful Parent Lost Her Baby To The Most Horrific And Tragic Cockroach Infestation Imaginable

It is beyond unfortunate that we live in a world where child-neglect is a thing. Sadly, child-neglect is all too common. This is surprising, as you would think that any parent would be instinctively inclined to care for their own offspring. However, if you look up child-neglect online, you will find numerous news stories telling about extreme cases of child-neglect. In many of these cases, children are found within insect-infested conditions. Sometimes, the neglected children suffer insect-related injuries, such as bites and even infections that were left untreated. For example, back in 2012, a news story out of the United Kingdom described a mother who kept her baby in a cage that also contained numerous cockroaches. When this baby was rescued by officials with the Department of Human Services, cockroaches were found crawling in and out of the baby’s diaper. Additionally, the baby had sustained multiple bites from the roaches. This case may seem extreme, but sadly, it is far from being the most tragic instance of child-neglect. During the month of April, in 2015, one Oklahoma mother was arrested for child-neglect after police found the corpse of her baby within a home infested by cockroaches. Even more appalling, when the baby was found, she was being eaten by several of the invading cockroaches, which is, without a doubt, the most horrific aspect of this story.

A woman named Brittany Cherokee Dawn Bell was arrested in 2015 after authorities found several cockroaches “nibbling away” at her baby’s lifeless corpse within her filthy home. Bell, 27, claimed to have found her daughter’s corpse after waking up from a nap. The baby was only five months old before she tragically died due to unknown causes. The medical examiner was unable to determine the cause of the baby’s death, which is why Bell was charged with child-neglect as opposed to homicide. When pushed for an explanation regarding her daughter’s death, Bell proceeded to blame her other two children. Bell was under the impression that her two eighteen month old twins suffocated their sister after sitting on her. Authorities are far from convinced that this was the cause of the baby’s death.

Do you believe that the Department of Human Services should require parents to provide reasonably insect-free living spaces for their children?

A Cockroach Invasion In One Small Town Is Being Blamed On Unusually Hot Weather

Following the cold winter season, many people welcome the summer heat. People were meant to enjoy the great outdoors, so naturally, the pleasant summertime weather allows people to satisfy their need to be amongst nature. However, “nature” is not all fun and games, as there exists many creepy-crawlies lurking about within grass, bushes, trees and even inside homes. Many people will happily tolerate a few insects here and there if it means enjoying the great outdoors, but most people have a hard time exercising tolerance toward cockroaches. Cockroaches happen to be one type of insect that people are not willing to put up with in the least, which can be a problem, as cockroaches are among the most abundant of insects. Just ask the residents of Carmichael, California how they feel about cockroaches. They will tell you all about the terrifying cockroach invasion that has been occurring within their town for weeks.

40061996 - dead cockroaches on wooden table

The residents of Carmichael have been falling victim to cockroaches that are infiltrating people’s homes. One resident, Toby Rodriguez, took a local news team around his home in order to point out the many cockroach corpses that had been lying about. One cockroach was lying a few feet from his front door. Apparently, the roach was attempting to make an escape before it died. Two other residents, the Guillermo’s, claimed to have found cockroaches all over their home on a daily basis. They have found cockroaches within their home, garage, back and front yard, and around their fence posts. Guillermo and his wife are amazed at the number of cockroaches that they have been finding, and they are puzzled over the origin of the roaches. “Certainly, the roaches cannot just be gravitating to our home”, said Guillermo. Of course he is correct, as the Sacramento Sewer District has been receiving numerous call about unwanted cockroaches. One roach expert has tried to explain the cockroach invasion by referring to the area’s climate. Roaches are able to survive just fine until the temperature reaches 95 degrees. When the temperature reaches this point, roaches will inevitably look for shelter indoors. The current heat wave in the Sacramento area is the likely cause of the roach invasions.

Have you ever noticed an increase in insect life during heat waves?

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