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Do Mouse “Repellents” Work?

Do Mouse Repellents Work?

There is a large product selection and a wide range of advice out there that will claim to help you get rid of mice. However, it’s best to keep a skeptical view of these things, because, while they may not be harmful, they may not be that effective either. The suite of repellent products and solutions currently available are presented as an alternative to poisons and traps, and their main selling point is that they are safer and more humane. In this article, we’re going to go over some of these mouse repellents and their effectiveness.

The effectiveness of mouse repellents

When we say mouse repellents, we think of a variety of items and products, from moth balls, to peppermint, cayenne pepper, tabasco pepper, ultrasound machines and even cats! Although some of these deterrents may even be somewhat effective, it’s important to keep mice infestations in perspective. A female mouse can give birth to more than 60 mice every year, and the mice take a handful of weeks to reach sexual maturity. With that knowledge, how much time are you willing to spend on solutions that are “somewhat” effective? Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly recommended mouse repellents.


Naphthalene is a solid white substance with a strong smell that is found in mothballs, and when it is ingested in large quantities, it can lead to a condition where blood cells can longer carry oxygen. Naturally, you can draw the conclusion that naphthalene is a good mouse repellent, and some homeowners will place mothballs near a mouse nest in order to force the pests to leave the building.

Mothballs have a very small amount of naphthalene in them however, which is enough to deter insects, but not enough to deter mice. In fact, you would need the same amount of naphthalene to kill a mouse, as you would need to kill a human.

Even if mothballs are unpleasant to mice and you place them near their nest entrance, they will either walk over the mothballs or create a new entrance.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is another popular home repellent, but does it actually work? It is a pleasantly smelling substance, and it’s nice to have around your home, but, unfortunately, it does not do a lot against mice.

This substance is considered to be a repellent, because in high concentrations, peppermint can be very strong, and it can drive rodents away. However, rodents are used to living in sewers and garbage, so a little peppermint will not phase them. Peppermint will also evaporate and float upwards, which has a lesser effect on rodents, because they are close to the ground.

Ultrasonic repellents

You may come across ultrasonic repellent devices on the market, and they may sound like a good idea. After all, ultrasounds work on dogs right? For rodents however, this is not the case, at least no in the way that we’d wish. Ultrasounds may keep them away for a while, but in the long run, the rodents will adapt, especially if they really like your home. Not only that, but ultrasounds strong enough to actually be very effective against rodents would also be effective against you and your pets.

For small infestations, it’s best to stick to trapping and baiting in order to deal with mice. If you have a persistent infestation and you can’t get rid of it no matter how hard you try, contact us for a free inspection.

Rodents at Thanksgiving…

You may have enjoyed the recent viral video hit, “Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving”, in which a few lucky pet hamsters and a rabbit were all (adorably) treated to a miniature Thanksgiving feast. The cute video is fun to watch, but surely most homeowners don’t want to host their own ‘Tiny Rodent’ holiday for unwelcome rats and mice! Following these tips, and enlisting the help of J&J Exterminating should help you keep your home free from unwanted guests of the furry variety.

  • Apply weather stripping around foundation and windows. You can purchase weather stripping fairly inexpensively at most hardware and home improvement stores and do it yourself. It’s an easy fix that will not only help keep pests out, it will help keep heat in and reduce your home heating costs.
  • Install door sweeps as well, which will help keep out drafts and pests.
  • Rats and mice are notoriously flexible and can squeeze their bodies through the smallest openings. Seal any remaining cracks or holes in the walls or foundation of your home.
  • Store food in airtight containers to minimize the allure of food to hungry rodents.
  • Clean out your attic, garage and extra rooms. Cluttered, rarely disturbed areas make an attractive nesting spot for mice. Keeping these areas neat and clean will send a signal that these spots are not open for business to rodents!
  • Tend to your yard and surrounding vegetation as well, as these can be a literal ‘bridge’ for mice and rats to jump onto your roof and enter your home. Trim back tress, bushes and hedges.
  • Contact J&J Exterminating for Alexandria, LA rodent control to help prevent, eradicate, and keep rodents out of your home or business. Our comprehensive approach to pest management employs smart strategies and reduced chemicals for long term relief from pests.

Rat Control Experts

Local Leaders Install Rat Traps Around A Construction Site To Prevent The Rodents From Fleeing Into Neighborhoods

Nobody wants rats in their home, but construction projects in developing neighborhoods can cause the rodents to flee into nearby houses. This is a common problem in developing neighborhoods, and this should not be surprising, as there exists billions of individual rats in the world. In fact, the country of China alone is home to an estimated two billion rats. In the state of Michigan, rats are currently fleeing a large area of land where an interstate is being constructed. As you can imagine, the many residents living nearby are afraid that rats will invade their homes in an effort to escape the construction site. This is why the mayor of one Michigan town has taken the initiative to have the rodents trapped before they gain access to neighborhoods. This project is costing taxpayers 125,000 dollars, but residents are not complaining.

Next week, interstate 696 will reopen in Macomb County, and the residents of Warren are prepared for the massive amount of rats that will inevitably make an effort to flee from the construction site and into their homes. According to Mayor Jim Fouts, without the rat trapping program, residents of Warren would already be sharing their homes with the rodents. In all there are 128 bait box trap locations and individual traps set up along the eastbound and westbound areas of the interstate. These traps were set up by a private contractor who specializes in trapping hordes of rats, and the box traps are checked every two weeks at a cost of 30 dollars for each check. This large-scale rat trapping program was initiated last April in order to contain the rats fleeing from the 90 million dollar interstate renovation project that covered I-696 from I-75 to I-94. The excavation of land and the noise produced by heavy machinery causes the established rat population to seek shelter, food and water from other areas, in this particular case, these areas happen to be people’s houses. The residents of Warren and other nearby cities are no strangers to rat infestations, as the city spent 275,000 dollars on a large-scale rat trapping program not too long ago.

Have you ever found a rat in your home?

A Man’s Home Is Being Overrun With Rats That Originated From His Next Door Neighbor’s Abandoned House

Everyone has experienced a difficult neighbor or two in the past, but one man living in Louisiana is being driven crazy by all of the rats flooding into his home from his neighbor’s rat-infested house. Homeowner Dwayne Scott of Ascension Parish has been struggling for the past year to keep his home free of rats. Not only are the rats on Scott’s property coming from his neighbor’s home, but his neighbor decided to leave his home and the surrounding property littered with mounds of garbage before he decided to abandon the property a year ago. Not surprisingly, this garbage is attracting massive amounts of rats, and they must be out of edible garbage because they are rushing into Scott’s home at a near constant rate. In an act of desperation, Scott requested that the local government clean the trash from his neighbor’s property, but Scott’s requests were ignored. In response to being ignored, Scott contacted a local news station in order to share his story with reporters. Luckily, this move may have prompted local government leaders into finding a solution to Scott’s dilemma.

Before asking local government leaders for help resolving his problem, Scott personally asked his next door neighbor to remove the garbage due to the rats gravitating toward his house. However, Scott’s neighbor clearly had no intention on cleaning his property, as he abandoned the house not long after Scott requested he clean his property. At the moment, the trash on his neighbor’s porch and surrounding property is piled knee high. At one point, local government leaders sent Scott’s neighbor a notice demanding that he remove all the trash from his yard and home, but the neighbor never responded, and the rat infestation within Scott’s home became worse. According to city council members, Scott’s neighbor is only in violation of the law if his property contains appliances or unregistered vehicles. Apparently, the council is now considering legal action against the neighbor, but a judge will have to force the neighbor to remove all trash if he is in violation of city ordinance.

Have you ever experienced an animal infestation that originated from a neighbor’s property?

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