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Mosquito Control Experts

Mosquito Control Experts

Cockroaches Found Infesting A Dead Woman’s Body At An Unsanitary Nursing Home

There is nothing warm or inviting about a nursing home, and it is often tragic for people to see their loved ones conclude their long lives within such facilities. Luckily, nursing homes only hire professional employees who make the health of nursing home residents a top priority, right? You would think that nursing and retirement homes for the elderly would always be found in immaculate condition in order to prevent the spread of germs that cause illness. After all, people who are elderly are particularly vulnerable to the effects of illness given their relatively weak immune systems. Sadly, one nursing home located in Indiana was not so immaculate, as numerous cockroaches were found infesting a woman’s room. The worst part is the fact that the roaches were reportedly infesting the body of a dead female resident.

In the city of Speedway, Indiana the Roland Retirement Club is infested with multiple bugs. Officials at the retirement home were aware that bugs had been increasing within the building, but the insect presence had not been successfully eradicated by a pest control professional. The insect infestation at the retirement home was bad enough to get the state attorney general’s attention. Several months ago, the office of the Indiana state attorney general received complaints relating to insect pest infestations within the retirement home. In response to these complaints, state employed pest inspectors were dispatched to the retirement home in order to assess the alleged infestation. These inspectors noted a pronounced insect presence in the facility. The inspectors specifically noted a heavy insect infestation in one particular room belonging to an elderly female resident. Sadly, several weeks after this infestation was confirmed by professionals, the woman living in the infested room died. When her body was found, numerous cockroaches were clearly crawling on her body. Police and medics saw this horrific sight with their own eyes after they arrived to the woman’s room in response to her passing. In response to this extensive and unchecked insect infestation, the attorney general’s office is attempting to have the retirement home’s owner held legally responsible for negligence. Officials with the attorney general’s office are currently taking action to remove the owner’s license to own and operate and assisted living facility.

If your relative was found dead in an insect-infested assisted living facility, would you file a lawsuit claiming negligence on the part of the facility’s staff?


A Sugar Derivative Can Shut Down A Termite’s Immune System

A Sugar Derivative Can Shut Down A Termite’s Immune System

Louisiana termite Control

Much like all insects, termites live within filthy conditions. Also like all insects, termites have strong immune systems that usually work well to prevent bacteria from causing diseases to develop. For those of you who hate termites, which is all of you, researchers may have developed a new way of killing them. Studies show that a derivative of plain old sugar causes a termite’s immune system to shut down. The sugar derivative known as GDL can make termites vulnerable to the bacteria and fungi that is located within their environments.

When an immune system becomes compromised, millions of different types of bacteria stand a much greater chance of infecting an organism. If a termite’s immune system fails microbes will attack more aggressively, eventually causing death, which is great news for homeowners. Termites cause thirty billion dollars in crop and structural damage around the world each year, and thanks to researchers, the worldwide economy may soon be spared a large amount of this annual cost. The GDL-based pest control method may one day introduce an entirely new, and effective type of termite control method. Pest control professionals and agricultural professionals use insecticides that disrupt a termite’s nervous system. These insecticides are often effective termite killers on their own, but GDL-based insecticides are extremely cheap as they are already used in food processing. With GDL-based forms of pest control, eradicating termites would not require homes to be tented, and this potential method would save vast amounts of money for pest control professionals, farmers, consumers and even certain sectors of the government that are concerned with pest control.

Termite immune systems contain proteins that are referred to as pattern recognition receptors. These proteins prevent bacteria, especially fungal bacteria from infecting termites. The shape of these proteins would allow GDL to inhibit the proper functioning of a termites immune system. The proteins and enzymes involved with a termites immune system would cease to function properly. One study has already shown that termites given GDL die within five days after being exposed to a certain fungal pathogen. Researchers are already applying the GDL molecule to certain types of wood polish and paint.

Do you think that GDL needs to be tested on other insects before it hits the market? Could GDL be harmful to beneficial forms of insect life?


J & J Extermianting

J & J Extermianting


Protect your Business with The Shield

When pests invade a business, they can create numerous problems for the company’s owner. Pests can drive away customers right to your competitors, or cause your clients to tell others about the conditions of your workspace. For commercial cockroach control in Monroe, Louisiana, and other common business pests, contact J&J Exterminating.

Pest Prevention Tips

To keep pests away from your business, seal small holes and cracks. Check utility and pipe entry points to see if gaps exist. If they do, block them. Assess your business structure’s exterior for landscaping elements that may encourage pests to enter. These elements include tree branches that are near your business as well as bushes and tall plants. Make sure basements, crawl spaces and attics are dry and ventilated. Also, purchase garbage receptacles that seal to avoid attracting pests. Rotting wood invites some types of pests, but you can avoid sending out an invitation with regular maintenance.

Today, bed bugs are making a strong comeback, and they can turn up in any kind of business. These creatures are tough to eliminate, so be sure to contact an extermination company to get rid of them. For expert bed bug control in Monroe, Louisiana, call J&J Exterminating. The company trains its technicians to identify specific types of pest invasions. This step ensures the proper elimination techniques.

Especially Harmful Pests

Some pests cause health problems for people. For instance, you can contract Hantavirus from mice, which can result in death. Rats are another especially dangerous pest because they transmit leptospirosis. This ailment may cause damage to a person’s liver and kidneys. Cockroaches are also harmful. Not only can the pests bring about the appearance of a going out of business sign, they may transfer deadly bacteria, such as Salmonella and E. coli, to humans. J&J Exterminating specializes in cockroach control in Monroe, Louisiana. The company will make sure that your pest problem is eliminated quickly and professionally.

Contacting a Professional

Pests can destroy your company’s reputation and harm your bottom line. Furthermore, bugs and rodents may damage your building’s infrastructure including wiring, drywall and wood. When pests make your business their home, contact professional extermination company J&J Exterminating. The company provides bed bug control in Monroe, Louisiana, and invests in the latest pest elimination equipment to get rid of all types of pests promptly and thoroughly.

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