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Rodents can be a major issue in any commercial setting, costing lost revenue and customers. They serve as vectors for disease as they are able to carry bacteria in their systems and transmit it elsewhere. Rodents are generally nocturnal and daytime sightings could represent a large population.  Through exclusion methods, baiting and trapping, we can handle any size establishment and any issue that arises.


  • 24 hour response time to commercial customers
  • Computerized scanning and barcoding of equipment (ensures that all devices are checked and that time in and out of service is documented)
  • Decorative and ornamental devices can be used so the customers do not see equipment
  • Convenient service hours can be arranged to accommodate hours of operation
  • Roof Rat

    Rattus rattus black to light brown in color. Tail as long as body.


  • Black Rat

    Black rats are considered omnivores and eat a wide range of foods, including seeds, fruit, stems, leaves, fungi, and a variety of invertebrates and vertebrates


  • Norway Rat

    Rattus norvegicus “Sewer Rat” brown, dark brown to tan. Also bred as common laboratory rat and pet.


  • Squirrel

    Pest squirrels have the capacity to ruin lawns and homes. Their colors vary greatly from black and gray to red and brown. Squirrel fur is short, thick, and bushy, getting thicker near the tail.

    A Squirrel

  • Mouse Trapping

    Mice tend to effectively instill shock to anybody who see them scurry across the room. Small creatures such as mice look for two things: warmth and food, which are in abundance to a mouse in most homes.


  • Moles

    Moles are very small greyish-brown rodents who live their entire lives underground.  Moles live on bugs like grubs, worms and slugs and they can travel through your garden, causing your crops to cave in.


  • Raccoons

    Raccoons are known as nature’s bandits, and for a good reason.  Your trash, pet food and leftovers are never safe from these sneaky thieves.  Raccoons can hide almost anywhere and are incredibly agile, meaning that they can get almost anywhere.  When one of these burglars rears its ugly head, a pest control professional will know how to take care of things.

  • Possum (Opossum)

    One of North America’s only marsupials, the possum (or, opossum) is renown for carrying rabies.  These creatures look very much like large rats and should not be approached or provoked.


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