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The Adaptable Norway Rat

The Norway rat is famous around the world, and in the US, we also know it as the brown rat, […]

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Objects That You Would Never Guess Have Been Eaten By Termites

Louisiana is home to several insect pests that damage structural wood within homes and buildings. Some of these wood-infesting insects […]

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Two Brown Recluse Spider Species Commonly Infest Homes And Buildings In Louisiana

Black widow and brown recluse spiders are currently recognized as being the only two groups of spiders in the United […]

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Identifying And Controlling A Formosan Termite Infestation

We are in termite season in the South, and the Formosan species is ready to do some damage. These termites […]

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Are The Mud Tubes Built By Subterranean Termites Always Found On The Foundation Of Infested Homes?

Subterranean termites are cryptic creatures, as they dwell entirely beneath the ground or within seemingly sound wood sources. Obviously, this […]

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