Rainstorms And Floods Prompt Smokey Brown Cockroaches To Invade Louisiana Homes In Massive Numbers

The German cockroach is the most widely distributed and the most common indoor roach pest species within the United States, […]

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 Striped Bark Scorpions And Southern Devil Scorpions Are Often Found In Louisiana Homes

Due to Louisiana’s humid coastal climate, the state is home to an abundance of arthropod pest species that often enter […]

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Some Centipede Species Commonly Found In Louisiana Homes Can Be Dangerous, But One Species In Particularly May Give You Nightmares

House centipedes are common within homes all across the United States. These centipedes, while ugly, are at least useful when […]

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An Ongoing Termite Infestation Case In An Algiers Home Is A Perfect Example Of What You Should NOT Do If The Pests Infest Your Home

Termite infestations have been an issue within homes and buildings in New Orleans since the city was founded by European […]

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Two Easy Ways You Can Prevent Pest Issues From Occurring Around Your Home

It is always a serious blow to a person’s sense of well-being when he/she learns that a pest infestation has […]

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