Termite Control

J&J Exterminating offers some very effective weapons against termite infestation of your home and/or business. The Termidor® System places a treated zone in the soil around your home, while the Sentricon® System makes use of monitoring/baiting stations directly in the ground around your home. Both systems are effective in preventing termite infestation as well as controlling existing colonies. Your technician will work with you to determine the best protection for you.
Termite Control

Liquid Protection Program

This is post construction protection for existing homes.

  • The Liquid Protection Program covers wood destroying insects including:
    • Native termites
    • Formosan termites
  • Your sales representative will schedule a complete home evaluation.
  • Your technician will contact you for the best time to prepare your home for the liquid application.
  • A shallow trench will be dug around the perimeter of your home with special consideration to your landscaping. The liquid treatment will be placed into the trench and backfilled by the technician.
  • This protection will last for approximately seven years.
  • Should any indication of termites be found, J&J will treat again as needed. If you find anything unusual, simply call us. A promise is a promise and the problem will be handled at no cost to you as noted in your agreement.
  • This does not include J&J’s wood replacement warranty. It may be purchased separately. Your structure must comply with company issued guidelines to qualify.

Liquid barrier and baiting system combination elimination program

Termidor & Sentricon – This is post construction protection for existing homes. There are circumstances where both the liquid protection and the baiting system are suggested. In these cases, the process for the liquid treatment is followed with the addition of the baiting station installation.

  • This program guarantees protection against:
    • Native termites
    • Formosan termites
  • J&J’s certified termite baiting technician will place the baiting stations strategically around your home and/or any structures you are protecting on your property.
  • These traps will be checked periodically by your technician.
  • Again, a wood replacement policy is not included in this program but may be purchase separately if structure qualifies

Pre-construction termite elimination

This is a liquid treatment applied to the soil before construction.

  • This termite elimination program includes a Wood Replacement Program.
  • The Wood Replacement Program continues for a minimum of five years as long as the agreement is renewed on an annual basis.
  • The liquid treatment process is followed prior to construction and is good for seven years.


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