Formosan Termites Are Swarming Early

Formosan Termites Are Swarming Early

It should surprise no one that termite alates are active again in Louisiana. For those who are not familiar with this term, “alates” are the termites that take flight in order to establish new colonies as queens and kings. It is not common to spot a swarm of termites, but it is not necessarily rare either. Obviously, termite swarms are most often spotted outdoors, but people have been known to go into panics when alates were found swarming indoors. In many cases, people spot termite swarms and assume that they are groups of gnats or another group of small flying insects. In cases where termite swarms are found on property or within a home, people may not always recognize these swarms as termites. Some people assume that they have seen flying ants, when they had really witnessed a termite swarm. In fact, many people are not aware that some types of termites are even capable of flying.

However, if you live in the state of Louisiana, then you must be familiar with termite swarms. All along the Gulf Coast, destructive Formosan subterranean termites begin to swarm around this time of year. The latest swarms have blotted out large street lights and other light fixtures in many cities in Louisiana. Although termite swarms are normal for this time of year, some experts believe that these swarms are a bit heavy for so early in the season. This could indicate a high amount of termite activity for this coming summer season.

Formosan termites swarm from April to July, but the largest swarms occur during the first and second weeks in May. However, the recent termite swarms have been extremely large for this time of year. The alates are so numerous within their swarms that even New Orleans residents have been taking to Twitter with their complaints about the swarms.

You would think that residents of Louisiana would be used to the annual termite swarms, but residents are claiming to see hordes of alates swarming their porches, and even within their homes. The alates are so numerous within the city and the entire state that many people have killed the alates after up close and personal encounters with the insects.

Do you think that developing pest control products that target alates would be the most sensible approach toward termite control?


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