Water Damage Led To An Extensive Termite Infestation In One Family’s Home

Water Damage Led To An Extensive Termite Infestation In One Family’s Home

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Some of us may know what it is like to be forced out of our homes due to a natural disaster or some other unanticipated act of god.  No matter the reason for having to vacate one’s own home, the experience is both frustrating and frightening. This is especially true when it comes to termite infestations. Termite infestations do not always require residents to vacate their homes, but sometimes fumigations are necessary. In the vast majority of termite infestation cases, termites are successfully eradicated with one single fumigation. This is partly due to the fact that most termite infestations are noticed and reported to professionals in plenty of time to save a home. However, some termite infestations can go on for years within a home without being noticed by the inhabitants. In these cases, homes can be saved, but costly repairs are usually in order. Sadly, one family from Michigan recently discovered a termite infestation within their home, and their insurance will not cover the cost of repairs. This prompted the family to set up a Go Fund Me page in an effort to generate enough money to save their home from termite damage. Luckily, the family is receiving plenty of support and goodwill from their community.

In Iosco County, one family is battling a long-running termite infestation in their home that has caused significant structural damages. The termite-infested home was purchased by Jason and Tera Rootes twelve years ago, and in all that time they never suspected their home to be infested with termites. As the two had more children, they built additional rooms onto their house. While constructing a new edition to the home, Jason noticed a bubble in the wall that led him to discover a termite infestation. In response, the couple called their insurance company and an adjuster came to inspect the damage. The adjustor found that water damage had led to the termite infestation, and the couple’s insurance policy does not cover this type of damage. The termite infestation has caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage, but thankfully, the surrounding community has already donated significant amounts of money to the family. The family also started a Go Fund Me page that asks for the modest amount five thousand dollars in order to help pay for the damages. Hopefully the family will receive the help that they need.

Have you ever known someone who struggled to pay off property damage that had been caused by an insect pest?


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