A Popular Brand Of Carbonated Water Is Being Sued For Containing Chemicals That Are Used For Killing Cockroaches

It is always a bummer to learn that your favorite food or beverage product contains dangerous chemicals. Of course, given the remarkable advances that have been made in food preservation methods, we cannot always be sure what exactly is contained within processed drinks and food products. Since very few people in developed parts of the world are starving, some consider unpleasant or even harmful chemicals that find their way into our foods as a price we pay for the benefit of food abundance. However, this is a minority opinion, and the public reaction to ingredients that are not listed on product labels is always a negative one, especially when the unlisted ingredient turns out to be a legitimately harmful substance. If you are a lover of carbonated water, then there is a good chance that you have consumed the popular La Croix brand at some point in your past. Hopefully, you do not drink La Croix regularly, as the company that produces the popular carbonated water beverage is being faced with a lawsuit over the cockroach killing chemical that was allegedly found in the carbonated water during testing.

La Croix proudly advertises their “all natural” ingredients with the hope that consumers will regard their products as being more healthy than competing products. Despite this claim, one woman, Lenora Rice, had the La Croix brand carbonated water tested and it turned out that it contained a chemical known as “linalool propionate.” Linalool propionate is a chemical that is commonly used to kill cockroaches. In addition to finding this roach-killing chemical, Rice found that the drink contained a number of other synthetic chemicals. A CBS news team in Philadelphia recently broke this unfortunate news, which has since gone international. In response to the allegations, officials with La Croix have adamantly denied that linalool propionate or any other synthetic substance is contained within their beverage. Although further testing is needed in order to confirm Rice’s findings, consumers may want to wait before buying another pack of La Croix, unless you plan on using it to kill cockroaches, that is.

Do you believe that La Croix carbonated water contains a popular roach-killing chemical in all of their cans?




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