Formosan Termite Swarm has begun throughout the state of Louisiana

The Formosan Termite Swarm has begun throughout the state of Louisiana and is expected to last thru Mother’s Day, May 12, 2019.  1Formosan termite facts: Coptotermes formosanus or Formosan termites belong to the genus Coptotermes which contains more than 3100 termite species altogether.  Formosan is the most economically malicious and geographically spread species which can be rather dangerous to any cellulose structure. 

Rain and floodwaters bring many problems; among them is the high probability of washing away termite protection. Termite protection is vital in Louisiana. Insurance coverage varies, but in some cases, policies provide coverage for replenishing previously installed termite barriers and water damaged wood protection treatments.

J&J Exterminating is experienced in termite treatment and pest control and is the largest Sentricon® provider in the State. In addition, J&J’s certified technicians, throughout Louisiana’s twelve locations, are experienced in other wood moisture damage-related protection, including:

Water Damage Sanitation Treatments
Water Damage Wood Protective Borate Treatments

J&J Exterminating offers effective weapons against residential and/or commercial termite infestation. The Termidor® System places a treated zone in the soil around your home, while the Sentricon® System makes use of monitoring/baiting stations directly in the ground around homes or businesses. Both systems are effective in preventing termite infestation as well as controlling existing colonies. J&J’s technicians will work with the customer to determine the best protection and plan of action.  There is NO CHARGE for termite inspections and evaluations.

For questions/concerns or more information, go to the website or contact the local J&J Exterminating office managers right away:

Alexandria; Blake Roy 318-448-4000

Baton Rouge; Vincent Dantoni, 225-756-2444

Lafayette; Charlie Duhon, 337-234-2847

Crowley; Mike Royer, 337-783-4170

Lake Charles; Robert Soileau, 337-474-7377

DeRidder; JJ Cooley, 337-463-4574

New Orleans; Robert-Lewis John, 504-833-6305

Tangi: Mandeville & Hammond; Kyle Ortis, 985-674-9004

Shreveport; Jeremi Farrar, 318-219-3500

Natchitoches; Michael Jordan, 318-352-7324

Monroe; Jesse Waddell, 318-450-6414




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