You Have Never Seen Spider Webs This Big

There are many different types of artists in the world. Some artist like dealing with ceramics or working with oil, paints or just pencils. However, the Argentinian artist, Tomas Saraceno, prefers to work with spider webs. Tomas has recently opened up a new exhibit in order to show the world what he has been working on for the past several months. The exhibit includes a barrage of spider webs, one of which holds the record as the largest spider web to ever be put on exhibition.JBed Bug Control

Seven thousand different spiders made the enormous web that is serving as the highlight to the artists show. Tomas covered an area of one hundred and ninety square kilometers in order to capture the right webs, and bugs, for his exhibition. His exhibition has been named a Quasi-Social Musical Instrument.

Tomas’s expedition is only one of two spider exhibitions that are being shown at a much larger exhibition called How to Entangle the Universe in a Spider Web. The spider exhibitions are being shown at El Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.

According to Tomas, the spiders that he caught and used for the web building are known as parawixia bistriata. These spiders are semi-social in that they all live in one single web for a short time. These sorts of spider-groupings have only been found in less than one percent of other spider species.

For over two and a half months Tomas had these spiders working not stop in his gallery. The spiders built webs for a couple of months within the museum walls so that Tomas could build an immersive experience. Once the spiders were through creating the mass amounts of huge webs, Tomas and his team had the spiders relocated to their natural habitat in the jungles of Argentina.

Have you ever been to an insect gallery or exhibition? Which types of spiders were on display?





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