Building Termite Resistant Decks And Balconies Is Possible

Building Termite Resistant Decks And Balconies Is Possible

No matter where you live in the United States, you are most likely vulnerable to termite infestations. If you have ever wanted or are planning on having a deck or balcony added onto your home, then you run the risk of inviting termite infestations. Or maybe not. Although most people may be under the impression that termites do not discriminate between what types of wood to consume, there are some building materials that termites tend to avoid. According to researchers from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, there are, in fact, commercially available types of lumber that are nearly resistant to termites.

Before starting a construction project it is always wise to consider the possibility of termite infestations. Asking for advice from a pest control professional before indulging in build-it-yourself projects is a good idea. This is because a new deck is also a new potential termite habitat. Once a colony of termites locate a food source, especially one as convenient and accessible as a deck, they will not hesitate to turn your new deck into a long-lasting source of sustenance. Carefully choosing what types of building materials to use can save you loads of money in the long run.

There is always the option of purchasing pressure treated wood. Most modern construction projects already make use of pressure treated wood. Pressure treated wood goes through an industrial process that involves pressing wood preservatives into the pores of wood. Pressure treated wood may sustain termite damage at some point, but it remains termite resistant for a longer period of time than non-pressure treated wood.

Surprisingly, there are some types of wood that are naturally resistant to termite infestations. For example, cedar, redwood and cypress all tend to remain free of termite infestations. However, when using these wood types for construction, you will want to be sure to use the heartwood. The heartwood is the strongest part of the wood. It contains heavy concentrations of all of the naturally occurring chemicals that termites avoid.

Have you ever considered building a deck, but decided not to in fear of possible termite infestations?

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