Which Drywood Termite Species Causes The Greatest Amount Of Damage In The US?

Which Drywood Termite Species Causes The Greatest Amount Of Damage In The US?

Most homeowners probably worry about termites from time to time, as they are present in every US state except for Alaska. Homeowners fear eastern subterranean termites most of all since they are well known for causing the greatest amount of termite-related property damage. However, drywood termites also pose a significant threat to public and private property. The most destructive type of drywood termite in the United States is known as the dark western drywood termite, or Incisitermes minor.

When compared with subterranean termite species, drywood termites do not reproduce as rapidly, and their colonies contain fewer individual termites. Also, drywood termites do not consume wood as rapidly as subterranean termites. It is for this reason that most homeowners regard drywood termite infestations as being preferable to subterranean termite infestations. However, drywood termite infestations may be more difficult to notice. This is partly due to the fact that drywood termite species do not dwell within soil. Most termite infestations become obvious once a homeowner spots mud-tubes located around the foundation of a home. These mud-tubes allow subterranean termites to travel to and from essential water sources located within soil. Drywood termites, on the other hand, do not need to leave the wood that they infest, as these termites extract the water they need from the wood that they consume. Drywood termites also consume the inner regions of wood, making the damage they inflict to wood invisible to homeowners. The fecal pellets expelled by drywood termites serve as the most common sign of drywood termite infestations.

Light western drywood termites are not as common as dark western drywood termites. However, the light western drywood termite is able to survive in environments that the dark western variety cannot survive. For example, the light western drywood termite can survive hot and arid conditions. These termites are most often found within deserts, and they are common in the states of Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.


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