An Introduction To Termite Baiting Systems

One of the most effective ways to completely destroy a subterranean termite colony is to install a baiting system. The baiting system works by enticing worker termites with a piece of cellulose that has been laced with a slow-acting insecticide. Once the workers take the bait, they will consume it and share it around the colony. Different insecticides have different mechanisms of action, but the final result is the total collapse of the colony.

Why termite baiting systems work

Subterranean termites will build huge underground colonies that can have millions of members. In order to find food, the colony will send out scouts in the surrounding area. This is how infestations start. A baiting system takes advantage of this scouting behavior by placing a container in the ground that has cellulose in it. Once a container is targeted, the cellulose will be replaced with termiticide-laced cellulose.

Comparison to chemical barriers

Chemical barriers are another popular subterranean termite treatment option, and they are designed to stop travel from the colony to your home and back. Since the termites have to gather cellulose and take it back to the underground colony, you can cut off their travel lanes and ensure that the infestation in the home dies out.

A chemical barrier will not kill the colony, unless a special type of termiticide is used, but it does have the advantage of stopping the active infestation in the home faster. Baiting systems can take a while to kill the colony, but once they do, the colony is gone for good.

In certain situations, baiting systems are preferred because of their lower cost of implementation, their lack of impact on the environment, and because a chemical barrier would be very difficult to install. For example, if a contractor has to break through sidewalks and driveways to install a chemical barrier, you might want to go with a baiting system to avoid a lot of headache.

Are you interested in finding out more about baiting systems?

Baiting systems can be extremely effective and the perfect fit for certain situations. The best way to find out if they are a fit for you, is to have a pest inspection performed on your home. Contact us today for more information about baiting systems, or if you need help with a termite infestation.

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