Answering Common Ant Questions

Why do I have an ant infestation?

Ants live in giant colonies, and these colonies have to be fed. As such, worker ants are constantly roaming around foraging for food, and this may lead them to enter your home. If they find some crumbs or spills around, they will then create a pheromone trail which will be followed by other workers until they collect all the food that they find. This invasion is often temporary, but if there are other food sources, ants will keep coming back. You also have carpenter ants, which build their colonies inside wood, and they may invade the home to build a colony indoors. This species is capable of doing a lot of damage to the home.

Where did the ants come from?

Most ant colonies are built outside of the home. There are a few species such as the carpenter ants and the pavement ants which sometimes build their colonies indoors, but for the most part, the ant colony is usually located somewhere around the home.

Can I remove the infestation myself?

Taking care of an ant infestation by yourself can be difficult, but there are some product options out there that can prevent ants from entering the home or crawling around the kitchen. These products are called ant repellents, and they can be sprayed near entry points in the home, and in areas where you’ve noticed high levels of ant activity. However, if you are dealing with carpenter ants, then simply repelling them won’t be enough, you will have to destroy their colony entirely, and for this, you will need professional help.

How do I prevent an infestation?

Preventing a carpenter ant infestation is hard, because the ants are always on the lookout for suitable pieces of wood in which to build their colonies, but you can prevent other ant species from entering the home, by making sure that there are no spills, crumbs or leftovers out in the kitchen. If there are no food sources, the ants will not enter the home. You can also use the products mentioned previously to repel ants.

How much does professional ant control cost?

The cost of professional ant control will vary based on the species involved in the infestation. For detailed pricing you should get in touch with a few pest control companies. Contact us today if you have an ant infestation or if you have any questions about ant control services.

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