A Bed Bug Infestation In A Retirement Home Cannot Be Eradicated

A Bed Bug Infestation In A Retirement Home Cannot Be EradicatedLouisiana Bed Bug Control

Those who have experienced an infestation of bed bugs within their own homes would agree that the experience is traumatic. Luckily, there is always a happy end, as bed bug infestations are always eradicated, right. Typically, bed bug infestations are eradicated promptly due to effective bed bug-control methods. However, there is one particular location in Delaware where bed bugs cannot be extinguished. A public housing sector in Wilmington, Delaware is continually infested with bed bugs despite the efforts undertaken to have them all eradicated.

The public housing complex has long struggled to control their bed bug infestation problem. One resident, Richard Atkinson, says he wakes-up every night to find bloody-marks on his sheets. These bloody marks are caused by the numerous bed bugs that are biting Atkinson’s skin. Atkinson has been living within a bed bug infested housing unit for five months, and his apartment has been fumigated three different times. Amazingly, just during the last four months, pest control professionals have sprayed insecticide within the complex on one hundred and eighty different occasions.

These bed bug infestations are occuring at Luther Towers in Wilmington. There are two seperate towers simply named “tower one” and tower two”. The managers of the two senior living centers have tried to have the bed bugs eradicated numerous times. When counting tower two, pest control professionals have visited the towers three hundred and sixty one different times.

It may seem illegal to allow tenants to rent out apartments that are infested with bed bugs. However, according to Building administrators and city inspectors, the apartment managers are respecting the law and are following the proper protocol. Unfortunately for the residents, Delaware does not have a law on the books concerning bed bugs. According to the apartment managers, the bed bugs cannot be eradicated because several residents refuse to throw-out certain items that contain bed bugs, like clothes and furniture.

Do you think that living in these apartments would be threatening to your state of health?

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