Bed Bugs Force A VA Urgent Care Clinic To Shutdown Operations

Bed Bugs Force A VA Urgent Care Clinic To Shutdown Operations

We all know that bed bugs are currently out of control in most regions of the world, but not everyone realizes that bed bugs are responsible for disrupting medical institutions that serve the public. If we hear about bed bugs in the news, there is normally a tragic element related to the story. The most recent bed bug related crisis involves a Veterans Medical Center in New Hampshire having to close due to a bed bug infestation within the clinic. As a result of this medical center’s closing, veterans will have to seek emergency medical treatments elsewhere, which may not be an option for all veterans. Also, apartment complexes around the United States are still reporting bed bug infestations. These infestations are causing tenants to leave their apartment units while their clothes and furniture continue to become havens for growing bed bug populations.

Last wednesday health care employees at a VA urgent care medical center noticed bed bugs in the waiting room. If that is not alarming enough, bed bugs were later spotted in an exam room. This bed bug presence ultimately resulted in the closing of the medical center. Patients that were being seen at the medical center were transferred to another medical center in response to the infestation. This is only more bad news for the medical center. Earlier in the year the only VA medical center in the state of New Hampshire had been criticized for other reports of insect related issues. Doctors working for the VA in New Hampshire claimed that an operating room was infested with flies.

An apartment building located in Birmingham, Alabama has reportedly fallen victim to a bed bug infestation. One tenant from the apartment complex reported finding bed bugs in her bed and even on her pillow case. The woman’s doctor notified her apartment manager that an infestation of bed bugs needed to be contained in the complex. The woman had no choice but to leave the apartment as a result of the heavy infestation. Apparently, other tenants living in the complex also reported bed bug infestations.

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