Researchers Believe That Bed Bugs May Trigger Respiratory Difficulties, And Living Within Infested Conditions May Contribute To The Development Of Asthma

Several studies have clearly demonstrated that certain arthropods that thrive within human settings contribute to the development of allergic conditions, particularly asthma. These medically important arthropod pests include cockroaches, dust mites, and carpet beetles, and now experts believe that bed bugs may also induce allergic conditions in people living within infested homes. This would not be surprising, as all arthropods are associated with allergens, and bed bugs usually maintain an abundant presence around beds and furniture where humans frequently make contact with their feces, shed skins, body fragments, and other forms of bed bug debris. Although more research on this topic is needed, numerous studies carried out all over the world have shown that people living in bed bug infested conditions for prolonged periods of time develop rashes and respiratory problems not unlike the allergy symptoms associated with cockroaches and dust mites.

One medical case study described how a patient’s frequent asthma attacks ceased only after a bed bug control program was initiated within his home. Pest control professionals and residents who undertake DIY bed bug control measures within homes can increase their exposure to bed bug allergens in the air by disturbing bed bug harborages. For example, using a vacuum for bed bug removal and post-infestation cleaning can cause both live and dead bed bugs, as well as their feces and shed skins, to disperse through the air where they are likely to be inhaled. When operating within infested homes, pest control professionals often wear a face mask and use vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter in order to protect themselves from exposure to airborne arthropod allergens. It is also important to note that arthropod allergens remain within homes long after infestations have been eradicated, which is why homes must be thoroughly sanitized following the completion of successful pest control programs. While sanitizing homes, residents should take measures to avoid inhaling airborne particles that may contain arthropod allergens, such as shed skins, excrement, dead eggs, and body fragments in the air.

Have you ever experienced breathing problems or skin irritation while cleaning homes where insect pests were once active?

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