Bedbugs Were Found Infesting A School And An Airline

Bedbugs Were Found Infesting A School And An AirlineLouisiana Bed Bug Control

It seems like bedbugs are always causing problems, but last week was a particularly big week for bedbugs. Imagine if you dropped your children off at school only to pick them up later with bedbugs infesting their clothes and backpacks. Many parents living in Buffalo, New York may soon discover that their homes are infested with bedbugs. This is because bedbugs were recently found at an elementary school. An even more unsettling bedbug-related scenario occurred on an airline traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. A flight from Vancouver, Canada to London, England was transporting more than just travelers and their luggage. This particular flight was infested with bedbugs. A mother and daughter on board the trans-Atlantic flight sustained wounds from repeated bedbug bites. In fact, the woman’s daughter sustained enough bites to draw blood. The girls legs became bloodied as a result of not being able to escape repeated bedbug attacks.

Employees working for the Health Sciences Charter School in Buffalo discovered one single bedbug within the school. The school’s website makes it clear that school authorities promptly called pest control services upon finding the lone bedbug. According to Pete Tripi, from the Erie County Department of Health, parents do not need to worry about the bedbugs that may be infesting their children’s school. Tripi claims that bedbugs are only a matter of concern when they manage to infest a home. The local health department is now educating people on how to control the spread of bedbugs.

Last week a British Airways passenger, Heather Szilagyi, and her family were attacked by bedbugs while ten thousand feet up. After noticing some peculiar movement on her seat, she quickly realized that what she was looking at were tiny bedbugs. After asking flight attendants for a seat reassignment due to the bedbug presence she was told that no seats were available. To make things worse, Szilagyi and her family were traveling overseas in order to attend a funeral. Luckily, on the return flight home, British Airways gave the bedbug victims the “best seats”.

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