Bees Can Finally Give Humanity The Superior Tomato | Bee Removal Experts

Bees Can Finally Give Humanity The Superior Tomato | Bee Removal Experts

Of course you know that bees pollinate many different plants, but which plants? Bees pollinate plants that humans have no interest in, and some bees pollinate plants that produce fruits or vegetables. However, many plants do not stand in need of pollination from bees or any other insects. In many cases, a plant relies solely on the wind to receive the necessary pollen from other plants. Tomato plants are often pollinated by the wind and nothing more. But in rare cases, tomatoes are pollinated by bees, and the results are tasty and overwhelming. Experts say that bee-pollinated tomatoes produce more, and larger tomatoes.

The flowers on tomato plants have to be vibrated in order to release the pollen necessary for fertilization. Most of the time, the wind takes care of these necessary vibrations. However, in some areas, native bees contribute to this process, causing the flowers to release much more pollen. Honeybees are not able to cause the vibration frequencies necessary to release the pollen. Also, honeybees have no interest in tomato plants since they cannot reach the nectar within the plant. However, many native bees, as well as bumblebees, are able to access the plant’s nectar, giving them an incentive to congregate among tomato plants.

Researchers at the Xerces Society recently conducted an experiment involving native bees and Sungold cherry tomatoes. It was found that native bees increased the crop production by forty five percent, relative to wind pollinated crops. And the weight of the tomatoes nearly doubled after being grown with the assistance of bee-pollination. When bees visited the tomato plants they brought pollen from other locations. These instances of cross-pollination are responsible for the larger yields. When growing tomatoes, some experts are claiming that using native bees for pollination could save more space and more money in the long run.

Do you think that using native bees to pollinate tomato crops would cause more harm than good?





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