The Beetle That Creates Works Of Art

The Beetle That Creates Works Of Art

People love their pets, and loving animal owners often post pictures of their pets on instagram, YouTube or twitter, just to name a few. It is not uncommon to see enthusiastic pet owners dedicating all of their time to ensuring the wellbeing of their beloved pets, sometimes to the annoyance of spectators. The types of animals that are often found on people’s various social media profiles include the obvious mammals, such as dogs, cats, pigs, bats, raccoons, and foxes. However, one woman has taken to sharing her love of beetles with the world via the Internet, but these are not just any beetles. This woman’s beloved beetles are known as stag beetles, and although they do not possess the talent of Van Gogh or Rembrandt, these particular stag beetles are able to create works of art by being outfitted with paintbrushes. So these beetles are at least as talented as Jackson Pollack.

The beetle owner is named Mandy, and she is an American who is currently residing in Japan. Apparently, in Japan, beetles make common house pets, which serves as a reminder as to the various strange pets kept by Japanese citizens. In Japan citizens are not legally allowed to keep dogs or cats according to Mandy, so I guess beetles are the next best thing. Mandy claims that the beetles keep her company when she is alone by latching onto her shirt. In fact, these stag beetles apparently watch television with Mandy as well. Mandy says that beetles have quite a lot of personality, and they all seem to differ on this account. Some beetles are grumpy, while others are playful and attention seeking.

Stag beetles have strong mandibles that latch onto any small enough object that is placed in front of them. This is when Mandy had the idea to give them paintbrushes with the hopes of unleashing the stag beetles’ inner Michelangelo. So call this beetle artwork what you want, but it has to be an improvement over twentieth century modern art.

Have you ever found any types of insects to have distinct personalities that differ from others insects of the same species? If so, what type of insects were they?




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