Can Bed Bugs Be Prevented From Infesting Hotels?

Bed bugs are an increasing problem in the hospitality industry, as hotels, motels and B and Bs are being sued by guests who have fallen victim to bed bug bites within infested rooms. While bed bugs do not transmit disease, they are not necessarily harmless, as bed bug bites sometimes produce allergic reactions, and people in inhabiting infested conditions can lose sleep due to constant bites sustained during the night, leading to psychological distress. It is no surprise that hotels, motels and B and Bs become infested with bed bugs frequently, as the insects spread to new areas by hitchhiking on people’s clothing and within luggage. Naturally, bed bugs are most frequent spotted within hotels located within big cities that appeal to tourists, as these cities see the greatest amount of lodgers from nearly all regions of the world. Surprisingly, it is also not uncommon for hotel deliveries and hotel staff workers to inadvertently transport bed bugs into lodging establishments. While the hospitality industry is quite profitable, hotel owners are beginning to lose millions over lawsuits relating to injurious and nuisance bed bug infestations within their establishments.

The presence of bed bugs within a hotel room can give guests the impression that the room may be unsanitary and contaminated with bacteria, this is especially the case when clusters of bed bugs are discovered on bed mattresses and within bedding. However, even the wealthiest people sustain bed bug bites while staying within luxurious hotels where rooms are expensive and thoroughly cleaned. A lodging establishement’s internal conditions never serve as an indication of a bed bug infestation, as bed bug pests, unlike roach and fly pests, are not attracted to filth or bacteria; instead, the bugs are attracted solely to the blood of various warm-blooded animals, such as rodents, bats, cats, dogs, and even birds, but they seem to have a particular taste for human blood-meals. Unfortunately, there is no way to keep bed bugs from infesting hotels, but due to the increasingly expensive bed bug issues within lodging establishments, managers, housekeepers, and other hotel staff are now being trained to detect bed bugs within rooms before they become inhabited by guests. Hopefully, this recently initiated practice will make staying at a hotel less risky for travelers.

Have you ever found bed bugs in any public or private building?

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