Can Concrete Barriers Protect Homes From Termite Invasions?

Can Concrete Barriers Protect Homes From Termite Invasions?115dfe7d-ecfb-4ad6-8850-14168411b08f

There are plenty of reasons to dislike termites, so certainly we do not have to make up or perpetuate false information that disparages termites. Although this statement may sound reasonable, there is a good chance that even you, or someone you know, spreads baseless old wives tales concerning termites. Some people may say, and believe that termites bite people and can cause a mild bed bug-like injury. Of course, this is not true as termite pincers are far too small to effectively pinch a human. It is also common to hear about termites that cause houses to completely collapse to the ground, but this too, is highly unlikely and next to impossible. Although termites do weaken the wood that they infest, infestations are always noticed before a house comes toppling down. One of the most well rumored of all termite-related gossip concerns what termites can and cannot eat. Normally rumor has it that termites can eat through virtually any material if it means accessing a food source. However, termite damage to steel, aluminum, plastic and rubber is not common, and only the most robust and voracious termite species can inflict damage on such objects. But what about cement? Is building some sort of anti-termite concrete fortification a wise idea? Can the concrete be penetrated by termites? Do termites infest concrete?

Actually, termites cannot infest cement as far as the conventional definition of “infest” is concerned. First of all, Formosan subterranean termites are one of the only termites known for damaging concrete. They can do this on account of their powerful jaws, and rapid infestation rates. However, this does not mean that termites “infest” cement, as they do not consume the ingredients, and they only damage the durable material when necessary. So while it is true that a few types of termites can penetrate relatively thin concrete slabs, this is rare and time consuming, even for the hardiest of Formosan termites. One thing is for sure, a Formosan termite never consumes concrete particles.

Have you ever witnessed a hole in your home’s cement foundation that served as an access point for insects?

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