Why Are Canadians Afraid Of Termites When So Few Are Found Within The Country?

The frequency of termite infestations decreases dramatically the farther north a person travels within the United States. According to the Termite Infestation Probability Map (TIPM), the most northern American states, such as Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota or Maine, see very few or no termite infestations at all within one year. Given this data, it would seem highly unlikely for Canadian citizens to fall victim to termite infestations. Historically, termites have never been a concern among Canadians, but termite infestation cases are currently increasing within the nation, especially in Toronto. In fact, termites seem to be moving farther north in general, as infestation cases have been increasing in northern American states as well.

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As a result of this northward migration, the US Government is starting to implement laws that make termite inspections mandatory before buying and selling homes in northern states. Traditionally, these states have been exempt from termite-related real-estate laws due to the lack of termite activity in these states. The Canadian Government, on the other hand, began to enact laws to limit the spread of termites before termites even became a problem in the country. Several construction businesses that are based in Canada are welcoming new anti-termite legislation, as no Canadian wants to see invasive termites infiltrate their country.

Even though termites are not currently considered to be a major problem in Canada, each year these insects cause 120 million dollars worth of property damage in Toronto alone. It has been estimated that this damage decreases the value of real estate in Toronto by 25 percent. During the past few years, officials with the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association have pushed for building codes to mandate the use of masonry in order to prevent future homes from becoming infested with termites. This association believes that timber framed homes should be outfitted with a concrete foundation in order to prevent subterranean termites from accessing a home’s lumber frame. In addition to Toronto, isolated termite infestations have been found in other areas of Canada such as Winnipeg, Vancouver and southern Alberta.

Do you think that proactive anti-termite measures in Canada will prevent termites from establishing a population within the country?

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