Some Centipede Species Commonly Found In Louisiana Homes Can Be Dangerous, But One Species In Particularly May Give You Nightmares

House centipedes are common within homes all across the United States. These centipedes, while ugly, are at least useful when it comes to clearing a house of insect pest species, as house centipedes are vicious predators that prey on even the largest and hardiest of insect pests, such as cockroaches. Despite the free pest control service that house centipedes provide, most residents react with horror upon finding the creatures within their home. In some cases, homes can become infested with numerous house centipedes, which can be a living nightmare for homeowners.location2

When house centipedes do become abundant within a home, the home is likely infested with numerous other arthropod pests, as house centipedes gravitate to any area where their arthropod prey are most prevalent. This is why, in many house centipede infestation cases, other insect pests need to be eradicated before a homeowner can expect to live within a centipede-free home. While house centipedes are technically capable of delivering venomous bites, such instances are virtually unheard of, as the creepy-crawlies prefer to avoid making contact with humans. However, the common house centipede is not the only centipede species that is found within homes in Louisiana. In fact, several other centipede species in Louisiana are capable of inflicting venomous and extremely painful bites that always require medical attention.

The bark centipede is abundant in Louisiana, and while they prefer outdoor habitats, they are commonly found in moist areas of a home, such as cellars, basements, bathrooms and kitchens. This species can grow to be more than six inches in length, and they inflict very painful bites that may require medical attention. Another large and highly venomous centipede species, the scolopendrid centipede, is easily recognizable due to its bright blue-colored exterior, and they too are sometimes found indoors. However, the most brutal centipede species that can be found in Louisiana homes is an eight inch monster known as the redheaded centipede. Although this species has never been documented as causing a human fatality with its highly venomous bites, the species is considered medically significant, and if a resident should sustain a bite, then medically attention must be sought out in all cases, as their bites can lead to anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal.

Have you ever found a centipede indoors that was not a common house centipede?




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