Under Which Circumstances Are Baiting Systems Preferred Over Termiticide Perimeter Treatments For Subterranean Termite Control On Properties?

Termiticide perimeter treatments account for the majority of preventative termite treatments that pest control professionals apply to residential properties. In many cases, a baiting system is used in combination with termiticides for the purpose of subterranean termite control on properties, and sometimes a baiting system is the sole termite control tactic employed. This is especially the case when termiticide perimeter treatments are deemed unsuitable due to certain factors. For example, pest control professionals avoid applying termiticides to the soil surrounding homes built over foundation drains. Although the amount of termiticide used for standard perimeter treatments is minimal, termiticide may leak into foundation drains where it could leak into nearby creeks, ponds and other bodies of water.

Ideally, termiticide barriers are applied to soil on properties before and during the construction of homes. After earth has been excavated to make way for a new home’s foundation, termiticide is applied to soil before concrete slab foundations are poured. Obviously, this pre-construction termiticide treatment cannot be applied post construction, but a termiticide perimeter treatment can be applied around existing concrete slab homes. However, in order to create a continuous barrier along a slab-home’s perimeter, pest control professionals have to inject termiticide through small holes they drill into concrete slabs. These holes are not conspicuous, and most homeowners do not mind their presence considering the protection termiticide barriers provide. However, in cases where a barrier can only be applied by drilling through finished flooring or paneled basement walls, baiting systems are preferred. Pest control professionals avoid drilling through tiled, hardwood and carpeted floors and finished basement walls. In many states, laws prohibit the application of termiticide barriers on properties where a cistern or well is located beneath the ground. In most cases, homeowners are free to choose between a baiting system or a termiticide barrier for the purpose of preventing subterranean termite infestations.

Have you had concrete around your home drilled for the application of termiticide in soil?

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