The Cities Of The Future May Be Built Like Termite Mounds

The Cities Of The Future May Be Built Like Termite Mounds

Many experts believe that climate change may progress to a point that would not allow for the survival of human life. This is why many scientists and futurists have envisioned a better life on another planet. Perhaps humanity could start fresh on Mars by building sustainable ecosystems that could be contained within airtight domes. These sorts of ideas are not new to the world, and the both public and private interests are hoping to colonize Mars soon. However, not all experts believe a move to Mars is the best idea. In fact, humanity could remain on earth by building specialized structures that would ensure the survival of the human race. At least one expert believes that humans could live within cities that are built like termite mounds. The word “arcology” is used to describe this type of structure. The term combines the words “architecture” with “ecology”. One architect has been touting the benefits of arcology for decades.

Paolo Soleri is an architect who has drawn up sketches of structures that resemble and function like termite mounds. Only these structures have been increased in size in order to correspond with the much larger body size of humans. Soleri does not believe that typical urban sprawls are ideal for modern living. This is due to the fact that urban sprawls are made at the expense of the natural environment, and they make human living conditions dependent on the destruction of ecosystems. Large neighborhoods and big cities destroy vast areas of natural land, such as forests. And they stifle the growth of vegetation with concrete.

Soleri’s ideal urban environment is a densely populated structure that is capable of using environmental forces to regulate the structures internal climate. This is exactly how a termite mound functions. Termites survive within mounds solely because the internal temperature and humidity levels within mounds are regulated by the manner in which a mounds architectural form makes use of the external climate. As you can guess, there is much that scientists need to learn about this complicated and sophisticated process. But it has been Soleri’s ambition to mimic termite arcology for the good of humanity.

Do you think that humans can ever learn to create structures that are as architecturally complicated as termite mounds?


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