City Forms A Task Force To Kill Invading Termites

City Forms A Task Force To Kill Invading Termites

You may have heard of termites invading a tree, a house, or even a building. But have you ever heard of a large group of termites invading an entire town? Just ask the residents of Jacksonville, Florida if they have ever experienced a termite invasion, and they probably won’t be able to hold back their laughter. All summer residents of Jacksonville have been at odds with termite invaders. The residents are worried that armies of termites will attack and destroy homes and cultural centers within certain neighborhoods. This is what happened last year, so this year the residents are prepared. The particular species of termite that attacked this year and last is known as the invasive Formosan termite.

Last Tuesday the anti-termite task force, which consists of local leaders, researchers and experts met to discuss several aspects of their termite problem. They discussed the damage already done by these termites, as well as how to handle the incoming onslaught of termites that are currently on their way to wreak havoc in Jacksonville. The main focus of the meeting was to come to an agreement concerning an eradication method. In addition to that, the residents are also discussing which areas are at the most risk of infestation, and which areas should be given priority when it comes to protection from termite damage.

One task force member Erin Harlow, a horticulturist with a University of Florida agricultural institute, claimed that the termite prevention efforts could end up changing the way Jacksonville looks. She goes onto explain that all of the oldest and most historically relevant neighborhoods contain houses made from wood, and the trees in this neighborhood are already falling apart from termite damage. Just last year termites completely destroyed the historic Woman’s Club of Jacksonville on Riverside Avenue. People from all over are coming to Jacksonville to volunteer their efforts to fight termites, such as setting traps. The task force is now working with the local government on a mass anti-termite treatment plan.

If you lived in Jacksonville would you volunteer your time to rid the historic parts of the city of termites?


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