Common Myths About Ticks And Fleas

As with everything, there are several common myths about fleas and ticks that are floating around out there, and in this article, we’re going to check these myths out and discredit them.

Fleas and ticks are only a seasonal threat

Do fleas and ticks have a season when they are more active? Sure. However, they remain a continuous threat throughout the year. These parasites thrive during the warmer months, but they can survive and reproduce outdoors all year round. Not only that, but they will actively look for ways indoors where the temperature and humidity is better suited to their survival. In some cases, this behavior actually makes your property more at risk during the winter.

A flea or two is no big deal

We sometimes tend to think that the dog having one flea is not that big of a threat. He might have gotten one outside on a walk – not a big deal. However, one flea can quickly turn into a full blown disaster. Fleas reproduce very quickly, and one female can lay hundreds of eggs during its very short lifespan. Not only that, but one flea is already an indication of a larger problem.

Ticks and fleas don’t bite people

It’s easy to fall for the myth that ticks and fleas are only interested in furry mammals, and that they rarely bite people. However, this is not the case. If you are a warm-blooded mammal, a flea or a tick is very much interested in biting you. This is why it’s important to keep both your pets and your home well clear of these parasites and the diseases that they carry.

City pets are rarely affected by ticks and fleas

While it is true that fleas and ticks prefer wooded, grassy areas for a habitat, they are like most parasites and they will take what they can get. You are quite likely to find them in urban areas, where they are transmitted by rodents and other people’s pets. They may also be even more of a threat in an urban environment, since the only food sources they can find are you and your dog or cat.

Handling flea and tick infestations

Having the right products ready, and keeping your house clean can do wonders when it comes to preventing an infestation, but once fleas or ticks enter your property and start to multiply, you will need the help of a pro to get the situation under control. Contact us today if you have any issues with one of these two pests!

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