Council Votes To Eradicate Termites From Five Parks

It is not uncommon for homeowners to notice signs of termite damage years after the initial infestation took form. Once termite damages are noticed, homeowners typically waste no time before contacting a pest control professional. Irreparable termite damages rarely occur in homes that are inspected for termites regularly. In fact, termite infestations rarely result in homes being rendered “unlivable,” “hazardous” or “total losses,” as termite infestations are almost always noticed before such advanced stages of damage take shape. You most likely know someone who has fallen victim to a termite infestation in the past, but how often have you heard about city-wide termite infestations that threaten nearly every human inhabitant? Probably not often, but large scale termite infestations have been known to occur. For example, large termite infestations have been discovered in numerous locations around Chino County, California. At the moment, several structures located within five parks in the county have fallen into disrepair due to termite infestations that were not handled in a timely manner by city officials. Luckily, the city council recently passed a vote to spend well over 20,000 dollars on termite eradication efforts within nearly all of the county’s parks.Termite Experts

As you can imagine, it is far easier to plan a termite control operation within a home that is owned by a single owner as opposed to eradicating termites in five large parks that constitute a significant area of a city. During the time it has taken for city officials to facilitate termite control operations in five of Chino’s parks, numerous structures have become termite-ridden and dangerous to park-goers. Park shelters, restrooms and garbage enclosures are just a few park structures that have become irreparably damaged by termites in the county. The termite-infested parks include: McLeod Park, Mountain View Park, Heritage Park, Walnut Park and Liberty Park.

Although the destructive termite presence in the parks has been known to city officials and the populace for months, the Chino City Council only recently voted 4-0 in favor of professional termite eradication efforts in the parks. To the city’s credit, one pest control company had already been hired by the city to eradicate the termite presence in the parks. However, it can be assumed that this company failed to succeed, as the council hired a new pest control company to carry out the herculean task. The council has paid more than $20,000 to the new company, and they have set aside an additional $2,000 for any extra expenses that the company may incur. The residents of Chino County are more than happy to see their tax dollars going to this termite control effort, as many people live within close proximity to the parks.

Would you be pleased to learn that your tax dollars went to insect-pest eradication efforts

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