Your Dirty Neighbors Could Cause Several Types Of Insect Infestations In Your Own Home

Your Dirty Neighbors Could Cause Several Types Of Insect Infestations In Your Own Home

By the time an individual reaches adulthood, he/she has probably experienced the many negative aspects that go along with having bad neighbors. Some neighbors are too loud, too nosy or too talkative, or maybe all three. Having these sorts of neighbors can certainly be frustrating, but the types of neighbors that keep an excessively dirty house may be the worst types of all. It is not uncommon for messy people to find that insects and even wild animals tend to gravitate toward their unsanitary homes. These types of houses and apartment units are so messy that animals consider them to be ideal scavenging sites. Of course, having your home invaded by insects or small mammalian pests is unpleasant, but most unsanitary people do not seem motivated to clean their homes, even in these circumstances. Not surprisingly, having dirty neighbors puts your own home at risk of becoming infested with creepy-crawlies. Obviously this scenario occurs far more often in adjacent apartment units than it does in neighboring homes. However, insects commonly invade a home after having already invaded a nearby home. Cockroaches are one of the most common types of insects that invade multiple homes in one particular vicinity.

Finding roaches in your house or apartment is always unsettling. Not only do you have to kill and dispose of at least one roach, but you also have to worry about other roaches that are hiding out nearby. Roaches are more frustrating to deal with than rodents, as many roaches can hide and remain unseen. They also form groups containing a large amount of individual cockroaches. Roaches are truly disgusting, but some people are not aware of the fact that roaches can cause people to fall ill. Cockroaches spend much of their time in filth, which means that they bring copious amounts of bacteria along with them wherever they may crawl to, so you do not want to find roaches in your pantry.

Cockroaches are fast enough to travel from one house to another in a short amount of time. Roaches can travel very well in between apartment units, as roaches can easily access other rooms by traveling through walls. Roaches can access a neighbors living area by traveling under doors, through sinks, sewer pipes, air ducts/ vents, and electrical pathways. In fact, roaches have been found traveling between neighboring apartment units by crawling through wall outlets. So if you happen to notice an increase in the amount of roaches or other insects in your house or apartment, do not hesitate to hold your neighbors in suspicion.

Have you ever witnessed any type of insect access a home through a drain or an electrical outlet?




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