Do Insects Or Spiders Climb Up Through Drain-Pipes? | Pest Control Louisiana

Do Insects Or Spiders Climb Up Through Drain-Pipes? | Pest Control Louisiana

Bathrooms are common places to find spiders. Bathrooms are typically moist and humid. Spiders also prefer dark places in order to mate and produce offspring, and this is probably why you have likely discovered at least one spider in the bathroom cupboards located beneath your sink. Spiders also require water, some more than other of course, and obviously a bathroom supplies a steady amount of that resource. If you think about it, there does not seem to be any indoor location more appealing to spiders than bathrooms. Of course, there are plenty of people who don’t mind spreading ill-founded rumors, and one such commonly uttered rumor involves spiders finding their way into your bathroom via your drainage pipes.

The above rumor is not only common, but it is one of the more ridiculous spider rumors floating around. If you were to find a spider in your bathtub, would you find it reasonable to assume that the drainage pipes and the tub’s drain served as a spider’s entry-point to your bathroom? Most of you would not, some of you would have to reflect on the question before answering, and then a minority of you would find nothing unusual about spiders crawling up drainage pipes. It would be just as sensible to assume that a spider is in your tub because it needed to borrow your shower. In reality, neither insects, spiders or any other type of arthropod would ever be able to survive the horrid conditions in sewer pipes and septic tanks. Spiders are also not good at swimming while completely submerged in fluids, and spiders lack the anatomy for swimming upstream.

None of this is to say that it is not possible to find spiders in your bathtub or sink drain. But it is next to impossible that a spider arrived in your bathroom after a long trip from the local sewer. If you do see a spider in your bathroom, then that is certainly because the spider was already in your home.

Have you ever found a spider in your shower while you were using it?






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