How Do Dogs React To Venomous Spider Bites?

How Do Dogs React To Venomous Spider Bites?

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Most dogs can tolerate spider bites, even venomous ones. In the United States the black widow and the brown recluse are the only two types of spiders that may cause harm to dogs. The hobo spider is also venomous, and is known for causing serious medical issues for humans. However, hobo spider bites have not been officially studied within the field of veterinary medicine; therefore, the effects of hobo spider bites on dogs are currently not well known. Fortunately for dog lovers, even black widow and brown recluse bites are not believed to be a problem for the majority of dogs. However, if you happen to witness your dog being bitten by one of these spiders, then a trip to the veterinarian is recommended.

It is a good thing that dogs can tolerate venomous spider bites better than humans since examining a dog for signs of a spider bite is not an easy task. According to Meredith Thoen, D.V.M., a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, it is next to impossible to pinpoint a spider bite on a dog. Is extremely rare to locate puncture marks on a dog as a result of a spider bite. Also, unlike humans, if by small chance a spider bite were to be pinpointed on a dog, then there would be no way to identify which type of spider was responsible. However, if a dog were to suffer health issues as a result of a spider bite, then the offending spiders would almost certainly be either a brown recluse or a black widow.

Although most dogs can tolerate bites from the two above mentioned spiders, every so often veterinarians will encounter dogs that do not respond well to a bite from one of these spiders. Unfortunately, it is unknown to veterinary science as to why dogs sometimes suffer spider related health issues. Many veterinarians believe compromised immune systems are responsible for the very few dogs that do experience health issues as a result of injected spider venom. Despite the knowledge that does exist on this subject, there are many types of venomous spiders that are not mentioned in any veterinary science textbooks or literature.

Have you ever had a dog that you believe sustained a venomous spider bite? If so, how did the dog react to the bite?








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