Dragonflies Are Far More Interesting Than You Know

Dragonflies Are Far More Interesting Than You KnowDragonflies

We have all seen at least one dragonfly at some point during our lives. Dragonflies are considered interesting insects, while most insects are met with a boot. So what is it about dragonflies that make them so fascinating to people. Is it their large wingspan, their big and bulging eyes, or the unmistakable buzzing sound that they make while flying around? All of these features and many more serve to make dragonflies relatively respectable creatures. But there are also some lesser-known facts about dragonflies that you may not have known.

Dragonflies have been buzzing around the earth for a very long time. In fact, dragonflies existed even before dinosaurs did. Two hundred and fifty million years ago dragonflies were snatching up prey left and right, and they were gifted predators. This is probably because these ancient dragonflies, known as Griffinflies, were enormous monsters that you would think a B-Film Hollywood producer would have conjured up. Scientists now believe that the first dragonflies appeared on earth three hundred million years ago.

Dragonflies are also aquatic creatures, as dragonfly nymphs develop near water after adult female dragonflies lay their eggs on the surface of natural bodies of water. Not only that, but dragonfly nymphs breathe through their anal-cavity. This is due to the fact that the dragonfly’s gills are located within its anus. The expulsion of liquid from its gills naturally pushes dragonfly nymphs in a straight direction on the water’s surface. This helps the dragonfly nymphs become used to locomotion. Sadly, the vast majority of dragonfly nymphs die quickly. When a dragonfly offspring first emerges from the water where it developed, it remains vulnerable to nearby predators. The young dragonflies are almost always eaten by other animals. Adult dragonflies can also migrate long distances, possess secondary sex organs, and have excellent eyesight. And there are plenty of other reasons to make dragonflies your favorite type of insect in case you needed more.

Has a dragonfly ever flown into your face?


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