A Drywood Termite Infestation Has Caused An Unprecedented Degree Of Damage To A Couple’s Home

A Drywood Termite Infestation Has Caused An Unprecedented Degree Of Damage To A Couple’s Home

Termite infested homes are not rare in the United States. Some homes are inspected regularly for termites, but most are not. When homes are being sold a “wood destroying insect report” (WDI) is normally included within a contract. One long time real estate professional has claimed that at least thirty percent of the WDI inspection reports that he has encountered recommended termite treatments. While twenty percent of reports claimed that WDI damage had already occured in a home. However, in some countries it is not necessarily customary for home buyers to ask for WDI inspection reports. This is the case even in countries that contain numerous and highly destructive termite species. For example, one citizen of New Zealand has recently learned that his newly purchased home is now unlivable due to a long running drywood termite infestation. The damage to the home is so advanced that pest control professionals are claiming that the damage is unprecedented for drywood termites in the country. The new homeowner has claimed that asking for a WDI report had not occurred to him because New Zealanders are not in the habit of asking for WDI reports. The termite damage was so extensive that the house had to be demolished.

A couple, Tobi Lawton and Sarah Lee, bought the now demolished house with their life savings. They never expected that native drywood termites had been making a meal out of their home for what must have been decades. The couple’s story is making headlines in New Zealand. Many termite experts have commented on the couple’s unfortunate situation by saying that the species of drywood termite, known as Kalotermes brouni, rarely causes such a high degree of destruction. Pest control experts learned that the native drywood termite species was responsible for the damage after finding the species signature hexagon-shaped feces within the home. Drywood termite infestations are notorious for being hard to locate. However, they are not known for causing significant damage to homes, unlike subterranean termites.

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