Why Do Earwigs Flood Into Homes On Hot Days, And Are Infestations Difficult To Eradicate?

Earwigs have long been known as common household pests in just about every populated region of the world. Several myths have circulated about these pests, most notably the myth that earwigs have a tendency to enter people’s ears where they may eat away at the brain. Although this claim sounds ridiculous, a surprising number of people still believe it to be true. In reality, earwigs are almost entirely harmless despite their fierce-looking and large-sized pincers. Residents of homes that are infested with earwigs do not need to wear earmuffs to bed, and they are not in danger of sustaining bites from the pests. It is not impossible for a human to sustain an earwig bite, but such incidents only occur when the insects are mishandled. Earwigs are considered nuisance pests within households, and several species can be found in Louisiana where they tend to infest houses on particularly hot summer days.

Twenty-two earwig species have been documented in the United States, but only three are considered household pests. The European earwig is the most common pest species that infests homes, and they can be found in most areas of the country. The ring legged earwig is also widespread in the southern region of the US, and they tend to be most problematic in and around homes in the humid south and the northeast. Most earwig species possess wings, but they are weak flyers and they are rarely found flying into houses. All earwig species thrive in moist and warm locations, which is why they are so abundant in Louisiana where they are often spotted in residential yards. A high population of earwigs in yards may be a good thing for homeowners since they do not inflict damage to lawn-grass or plants, and they prey upon and consume insect pests around homes. However, earwigs often invade homes accidentally during the summer months, and they invade homes deliberately in order to secure moist living conditions during dry spells. This is why earwig pests are most frequently found in moist areas of a home, such as basements, cellars, and bathrooms. Luckily, earwigs typically don’t survive long indoors, and simply reducing indoor moisture levels may both prevent and eradicate infestations. However, earwigs tend to congregate into homes in large numbers on dry and hot days, which can lead to sizable infestations that are best addressed by pest control professionals.

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