An Elderly Wheelchair-Bound Woman Dies After Sustaining 150 Giant Hornet Stings

An Elderly Wheelchair-Bound Woman Dies After Sustaining 150 Giant Hornet Stings

If you think that falling victim to a swarm of stinging insects is unlikely, then you should be made aware of a recent event that occured in Japan. Japan, and the whole of southeast Asia, is home to numerous exotic insect species. Many of these species are dangerous pests. For example, the aptly named giant hornet species is one of the most dangerous flying insects on the planet, and they are common in Japan. These hornets spread fear among Japanese citizens due to their extremely aggressive behavior. In fact, giant hornets have been known to take human lives. The latest death to occur as a result of a giant hornet attack occurred in Ozu, Ehime Prefecture. Tragically, an eighty seven year old wheelchair-bound woman died recently after sustaining hundreds of hornet stings.

Last September an elderly woman was being relocated from an assisted living facility to her family’s home. The woman was accompanied by staff members from her nursing facility during her trip home. At the moment the details that led up to the tragic event have not been described in the media, but is has been confirmed that the woman sustained one hundred and fifty hornet stings. Apparently the elderly woman made it home as news outlets reported the deadly hornets as originating from a building near her home. The hornets are believed to have originated from a nest that was located on the side of a building. This nest became damaged, which released an angry swarm of giant hornets. Unfortunately, the giant hornets attacked the elderly woman while paramedics and nursing staff had no choice but to look on in horror. The rescue workers were not able to assist the woman since they were not wearing protective gear. One employee of the assisted living facility had attempted to save her, but the hornet swarm was simply too large to be managed. The woman died from multiple organ failure at a nearby hospital not long after sustaining her injuries.

If a loved one was in the middle of a giant hornet swarm would you risk your own life in order to take a chance at saving the person? Do you believe that the rescue workers were unable to save the woman from the hornet swarm, or could they have done more?

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