How Fly Pests Can Be Controlled With Exclusion Methods

Along with cockroaches, termites and ants, flies are the most commonly encountered insect pests within homes. Some of the most common fly pests of homes include drain flies, fruit flies, cluster flies, blow flies, and of course, house flies. The fly species that commonly infest homes do not differ much by region, as flies are the most widely distributed insect pests in the world.

Many pest control professionals agree that flies are among the most difficult insect pests to eliminate from infested homes, and this is largely due to the relative lack of effective pest control methods that have been developed to eradicate large numbers of indoor flies. For example, there is no easy way to deliver insecticides to every fly pest and their numerous eggs within an infested structure.

Many fly pests are also capable of reproducing rapidly on decaying organic matter within various areas within homes, such as food scraps and sugary fluids in garbage and recycle bins, behind and below appliances and furniture, and buildup in drains and garbage disposals. This is why sanitation is key for preventing fly pest issues within homes.

While well sanitized homes will make indoor conditions less inhospitable to fly pests, and prevent them from reproducing, a preventative pest control method aptly known as “exclusion” will keep fly pests from entering homes in the first place. Exclusion involves the elimination of possible entry points on the exterior of homes that flies can use to access interior living areas.

In some cases, large numbers of fly pests that reproduce near homes will invade homes solely for temporary shelter. Fly species like face flies, cluster flies and fruit flies invade homes in large numbers during the fall and winter season for the sole purpose of establishing warm shelter for the duration of the winter season.

When outdoor conditions are cold, these fly pests remain hidden in inaccessible indoor areas, such as wall voids, tight attic spaces, and beneath floorboards. When the outdoor climate becomes warmer, these fly pests emerge in large numbers from their hiding spots in order to make it back outside. This occurs frequently in Louisiana homes where the winter weather alternates between cold and warm days. Installing screens on attic vents, and crawl space openings, installing door sweeps, and sealing cracks, crevices and other entry points on a home’s exterior are all examples of exclusion methods.

Are their points on your home’s exterior that provide flies with access indoors?

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