The Most Important Indoor And Outdoor Areas To Inspect For Formosan Subterranean Termite Infestations And Related Damage

Louisiana is located in a geographic zone where termite pest activity is “heavy to severe,” and many experts believe that New Orleans is one of the most termite-ravaged cities in the world. Because of the high rate of termite destruction that occurs throughout Louisiana, homes in the state should undergo a professional termite inspection at least once per year. Termite inspections will not only determine if an infestation or related damage is present within a home, but inspectors will also pinpoint areas that are conducive to termite pests.

The tools needed to carry out thorough termite inspections are pretty basic, and they include a flashlight, a ladder and a sharp-pointed screwdriver. Since subterranean termites only infest moist structural wood, many inspectors use moisture meters to determine if structural wood members are vulnerable to termite attack. It is also common for inspectors to use acoustic emission detectors to determine if termites are already active within structural wood. In Louisiana, state-employed inspectors use infra-red cameras to detect termite activity within homes, and this inspection technique has become common among private pest control professionals in the state as well.

Inspectors are trained to recognize outdoor conditions that are known to attract subterranean termites to homes. For example, overgrown vegetation, dirt piles or landscaping ornaments that block foundation openings cause moisture levels to rise at the base of timber-framed homes. Tree stumps, fallen branches and other sources of wood debris will be cited for removal by inspectors. The crawl space is one of the most important areas of a home to inspect, as subterranean termites generally attack structural wood members that are easily accessible within crawl spaces. Crawl spaces also allow inspectors to locate leaking pipes, termite mud tubes, wood in contact with the ground, and damaged structural wood within wall voids. A home’s upper levels and attic spaces must also be inspected for drywood termite damage and aerial Formosan subterranean termite nests. Having a home regularly inspected for termite damage is the most effective way to prevent infestations from occurring.

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