A Fundraiser Celebrating Texas’ Independence Will Save A Historically Significant Military Fort From Termites

A Fundraiser Celebrating Texas’ Independence Will Save A Historically Significant Military Fort From Termites

Texas is one of the most populous states and is the second largest state by area. Several different landscapes are contained within the borders of Texas. Some areas are comprised of desert, while other areas contain grasslands as well as subtropical forested regions. The different ecosystems contained within the state of Texas indicate that several different insect pests are active within the state. Crops in Texas are under threat from various types of insect pests, and southeastern Texas saw some of the highest rates of Zika infection in the United States. Texas is also home to various termite species that cause significant amounts of property damage each year. Texas has a rich colonial history that involves the war for independence against Mexico during the 1850s. Many landmarks that were built during this important period in Texas’ history still stand today, but termites are a constant threat to these landmarks. One mid-nineteenth century cabin known as the Vandeveer Cabin is a recorded landmark that was made into a history museum several years ago. Unfortunately, this cabin has sustained extensive termite damages. Fortunately, the state’s historical society is throwing a fundraiser in order to renovate the cabin that so many Texans regard with pride.

San Jacinto Day is the celebrated anniversary of the day when Texas won its independence from Mexico back in 1836. A fundraiser will be held on this upcoming anniversary in order to raise money for the restoration of the termite-damaged Vandeveer cabin located at Fort Croghan Museum. The fundraiser is being organized by the the Burnet County Historical Commission and the Burnet County Heritage Society. The local 4-H club and several volunteer high school students will be serving catfish at the fundraiser.

The chairwoman of the Burnet County Historical Commission claims that the donations may not be enough to pay for maintenance, insurance and the termite control measures that are necessary in order to keep the cabin standing as a tourist attraction. The invading termites have destroyed much of the cabin’s floors, and paying for new building materials may get pricey. This is especially true since many residents want to see the damaged parts of the cabin rebuilt with the original materials. These materials may be hard to locate and expensive today. The cabin has come close to destruction several times in the past, but the city’s residents have always managed to retain this part of their history. So far, enough food has been purchased to feed five hundred people at the fundraiser, so many people willing to donate are expected to be in attendance.

Do you think that historical landmarks are worth saving from termites even if restoration costs are high?


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