Furious Mother Forced to Close Off Living Room When Hundreds of Wasps Invade Her Home

Finding a wasp infestation anywhere in or around your home is terrifying by itself. Finding hundreds of them swarming in your living room is probably most people’s worst nightmare. One single mother actually experienced this horrific scene, and is now even being forced to live with it. Starrain Johnson and her two young children, 13 month old Ryiesha and 12 year old Rajay, is living in her home with the entire living room closed off to try and stop the spread of the wasps throughout the house. Why is she forced to live in this situation? Despite the extremely dangerous living conditions and the two young children also living in the house, her council landlord has failed to even address the problem in the two months since the wasps arrived.

Johnson thinks that a wasps nest was already inside her home when it became dislodged, falling and splitting wide open, letting out hundreds of probably very angry wasps. After hearing a rumbling noise and a crash as if something fell coming from her living room, Johnson investigated the noise only to find wasps swarming around the room. Hundreds of wasps were crawling and flying around her living room, and she and her children have not come away unscathed. Johnson says that her young daughter has been stung all over her body since the wasps were first discovered. Johnson complained to her landlord about the infestation all the way back in July, but only recently did anyone come to inspect her home. Ms. Johnson said, “I’ve been reporting the problem since July and nothing has been done. They only came and looked last week and said they couldn’t do anything.It’s rubbish. I have a young child and there’s an infestation and they haven’t even made an attempt to get rid of the wasps or give me somewhere to live temporarily.”

Johnson has been trying to live with her current dangerous situation by keeping the living room shut off completely, spraying the wasps with insecticide, and taping up any gaps in the door that could lead to a wasp escaping into the rest of the house. Johnson says her living room has become an “insect graveyard.” Unfortunately, despite her efforts, wasps have been sneaking out of the living room and finding their way into other areas of the house. Johnson has woken up to find wasps in her bedroom stuck to the window. She says all she hears now is the buzzing of the wasps and feels the touch of them on her skin. As of now, nothing has been done to help fix this problem, and Ms. Johnson is still waiting to hear back from her neighborhood housing council after submitting the complaint months ago.

What would you do if you found yourself in a similar situation?



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