What Sort Of Indoor Conditions Allow German Cockroaches To Thrive Within Homes?

Having an infestation of cockroaches likely sits up at the top of most people’s list of worst nightmares. Cockroaches are generally greeted with a scream whenever they are stumbled upon by someone in the middle of the night. German cockroaches are unique in that they are one of a few insect species that has evolved to dwell solely within human homes as opposed to outside in the natural environment. This ties our two species inextricably together in a way that no humans can be happy about. We live side by side with these pests our entire lives, and spend much time trying to figure out how exactly to avoid dealing with them. This makes the understanding type of human habitat German cockroaches prefer to dwell inside paramount to keeping them from residing in your own home.

It probably not a surprise that German cockroaches are most commonly found in areas of the home where food is stored, such as the kitchen, pantry, and other storage areas. Readily available food sources, therefore, make for an important factor involved in where German cockroaches choose to settle down. Food must be abundant for German cockroaches to choose infest an area. This is rather disturbing, as the presence of German cockroaches has been shown to worsen allergies as well as asthma, and if an infestation is large enough, they can even transmit pathogens, germs, and bacteria they ingest or pick up to humans while they are out exploring and foraging in our kitchens and amongst the food we eat. Making sure you keep your house and especially kitchen clean and uncluttered will help control cockroach pests. Depriving them of the food they desperately seek out from our own kitchens can help keep them from infesting your home.

In addition to areas with an abundant food source, German cockroaches gravitate toward dark, warm, and tight areas, preferably where they can maintain constant contact multiple surfaces. Areas that are humid, warm, and have lots of food sources are where they will commonly be found. Keeping your home clean and free of clutter also helps reduce the kind of dark, humid, and tight areas they prefer. Sealing up cracks and crevices, as well as fixing any plumbing issues, will also help lessen these conditions throughout your home and keep cockroaches from using these cracks to enter your house from outside.

Have you ever had an infestation of German cockroaches?


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